My Honest Viv Menstrual Cup Review

I never thought I would be a menstrual cup user, but here we are! After months of trying to find the best menstrual cup for beginners, I came across the Viv Cup. Here's my honest review & my experience (spoiler alert: I'm now a menstrual cup user for life)

My Pick: The Viv Cup Starter Kit

Why I Picked the Viv Cup 

On first glance, I was intrigued by the ring stem on the Viv Cup. Removal is half the challenge for me, and I wanted an option that made it easier than fishing around and grabbing for a little stem. The ring stem on the Viv Cup was smaller than some other stem options, so it won't get in the way or be uncomfortable, while still offering help with the removal process.

I also love that it's a dark color. Menstrual cups will stain over time, even if you take great care of them. The dark color means your cup won't change color, which is a big factor. I know I would be more likely to throw out my cup if it got too stained, even if it was perfectly clean and fine to use, and for sustainability's sake, I don't want to do that!!

The Starter Kit

The Viv Cup Starter Kit comes with more than just a cup, to set you up for success. The Viv Cup Wash is a clear gell wash that lathers on your cup; I like that it has all natural ingredients, so it's body-safe and will keep your cup super clean. It also comes with a storage pouch and a beginner's guide, which became my new best friend!!

My First Viv Cup Experience

I was pretty nervous to try a cup, to be completely transparent, but Viv made it a lot more approachable. I spent a while scrolling through TikTok to learn all the best tips, and Viv had such helpful information. I used the beginner's guide that came in the Viv Cup Starter Kit to help me through the process - like i literally had it on the windowsill next to my toilet to read as I inserted it for the first time.


I practiced folding the cup a few different ways (based on what I saw on TikTok), and decided to go with one that felt easiest to hold in my hand: the C fold. I figured it would be easiest to guide the cup in if i had a good grip on it, and I knew it was important to not let the cup open up too early.

On first try, it definitely felt a little weird, but that's just because I've never used a cup before. It took a few tries to find the right angle to help it actually go in. Once I figured that out, it went in surprisingly easy. I could feel it open up into place, and I used the ring stem to twist it a bit and make sure it was fully open. The way it suctioned into place was a little scary at first but then I realized I couldn't actually feel it once it was open & in the right place!

My First Day Using the Viv Cup

I purposely tried the Viv Cup for the first time on a day that I had literally no plans. In case of leaks or any minor disasters, I wanted to be close to a comfortable bathroom. I was really pleasantly surprised with the fact that there were zero leaks and zero issues all day long!! I couldn't feel it and I kept going back tot he bathroom to make sure nothing was leaking or shifting around, but everything was all good!! I had a lovely day cleaning my apartment, doing an at-home workout, and cooking some of my favorite meals! At around 9:00pm I decided to take it out, as it had been about 10 hours since I inserted it.


I followed the Viv Cup Beginner's Guide and removed the cup in the shower, and I'm really glad I did!! It's totally normal to get some blood on your hands with any period product, but removing a menstrual cup for the first time can be a little extra messy, so being in the shower removed any of that stress. The ring stem helped soooooo much. I pushed in the side of the cup to break the suction seal, and was able to guide it out without any pain or crazy mess. It definitely feels different than using a tampon (my only reference for period products that are inserted), but much easier than I was expecting!!

My Thoughts on the Viv Cup

I am so glad I went with the Viv Cup for my first menstrual cup experience. The cup itself is really easy to fold, has the ring stem for removal, and is designed to mold to anyone's body, so it really sets you up for success. The thing that truly set Viv apart was the amount of help and the. resources they provide. The physical booklet guide in the Starter Kit was such a great intro, and having a person to watch and coach you through the process on TikTok made such a huge difference for calming my nerves.

I loved my first day using the Viv Cup, and this actually makes me excited to get my period (crazy right?!?!) because I feel like I can do anything without worrying about my period now!! I can tell that it will get easier the more I use the cup, as I figure out the best way to insert & place it. I left it in for about 10.5 hours completely leak free, and I was on day 2 of my period (my HEAVIEST day by far), so I 100% believe it can last 12 hours. Such a game changer!!


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