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Viv Tampons
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Viv Tampons

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Organic Cotton Tampons with Plant-Based Applicator

Viv Organic Cotton Tampons with a Plant-Based Applicator are perfect for our eco-conscious menstruators. BPA-free, toxin-free, and plant-derived to create a more sustainable period. 

Our tampons comes in three different absorbencies- 

Regular: 16 count regular absorbency tampons per box in yellow wrapper

Super: 16 count super absorbency tampons per box in green wrapper

Combo of Regular & Super: 8 count regular absorbency tampons & 8 count super absorbency tampons per box

Bamboo Liners

Natural organic bamboo fiber, natural corn fiber, wood pulp paper, absorbent polymer, biodegradable plant-based alternative to plastic, adhesive for pad wings

Bamboo Pads

Natural organic bamboo fiber, natural corn fiber, wood pulp paper, absorbent polymer, biodegradable plant-based alternative to plastic, adhesive for pad wings


Tampon: certified organic cotton (absorbent material, cover, withdrawal string, sewing thread), paraffin emulsion (synthetic withdrawal string moisture repellent treatment)
Applicator: plant-derived polyethylene
Wrapper: polyethylene
No added BPA

Menstrual Cup

100% medical grade silicone

Our pads and liners are 95% biodegradable. They are made with sustainable fibers like bamboo and corn fiber that reduce agro waste. They’re totally plastic-free!

The wrapper is compostable! Dispose of the used product in your trash bin.

Small (20 mL) : Light to Normal Flow and/or pre childbirth

Large (25mL) : Normal to Heavy Flow and/or post childbirth

You can see more about sizing here.

You can keep your Viv cup in for up to 12 hours! Everybody is different so remove based on your flow.

Between cycles make sure you boil your cup! And when you empty it you can use a gentle cleanser and warm water to rinse before you reinsert.

Regular: Light to Normal Flow

Super: Normal to Heavy Flow

All of our products are available for one time purchase! And our subscription is available on our tampons, pads, and liners. You can choose delivery frequencies between every 3-8 weeks.

Our pads, liners, and cups are produced in sustainability innovation-focused facilities in China. Our tampons are made in Germany.

We ship everywhere! Allow for 2-3 days to fulfill. Expect delays with your chosen shipping courier due to Covid-19.

Read here or contact us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

These tampons are great and give me peace of mind knowing I am not harming the environment- highly recommend!

Awesome tampons!

Viv tampons make me so happy - the box is gorgeous and they feel like what I used to use only better because I know I’m using a product good for me and good for the planet!


Really awesome tampons. Never going back to anything else! Practically perfect in every way!

Nurse approved!!

Absolutely love the tampons. As a nurse, I am really critical about what goes in my body and that should apply to tampons too. Easy use applicator in such cute wrapping. Sustainable, woman owned, and most importantly safe! So glad I made the switch and no longer have to run to grocery store whenever I forget I’m about to get my it doesn’t happen every month...

Only critic would be the tampons themselves don’t say what size they are but they are different colors and easy to tell size difference. 10/10 recommend!

The only tampons I'll be using from now on!!

Soooo happy with these tampons!! The applicator is smooth and easy to use; it blows my mind that it's completely plant-based. I didn't have any issues with leaking or anything! This is such an easy way to reduce plastic use, and the subscription is a life saver so you don't have to remember to buy every month. Will be telling all my friends about this!


why viv?


For every period with Viv, you’re helping to reduce waste by the equivalent of 48 plastic bags.


Your period products should be BS-free. That is why Viv products are always natural & free of harmful toxins.


Spend less time running errands, and more time conquering the day.

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