Viv Cup Starter Kit
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Includes: 1 Small Viv Cup, 2 fl oz all natural cup wash, storage pouch, & beginner’s guide of cup pro-tips

New to using a menstrual cup? Viv is here to help you become a pro.

The Viv Cup is perfect for beginners, with its ring stem and flexible dark-colored silicone (no staining here!). The brand new Viv Cup Wash is the best plant-based, toxin-free way to keep your cup in perfect condition. Need a little extra guidance through the process? We’ve compiled all our best cup tips into one ultimate beginner’s guide. Sustainable period care has never been easier!


tampon: 100% certified organic cotton

applicator & wrapper: BPA-free polyethylene

Bamboo Pads & Liners

pad & liner: natural bamboo & corn fiber, wood pulp, sumitomo SAP, corn starch-based PLA, PBAT, hot melt adhesive

Wrapper: certified compostable corn starch-based PLA, PBAT

Menstrual Cup

100% medical grade silicone

Menstrual Cup Wash

pure water, chamomile extract, echinacea-purpurea extract, nancic acid, tea tree oil, glycerol


If this is your first cup, we recommend getting a Small. The small cup works for most menstruators pre-childbirth. If you have given birth, have used large cups in the past, or have a very heavy flow, a size Large may work better for you. See more on sizing here.

Learn everything you need to know about the Viv cup here

Viv pads and liners are 100% plastic free and made from bamboo and corn fibers. These source materials reduce agro waste, using less land, water, and CO2 to produce than cotton and organic cotton products. Viv pads & liners break down in just 150 days (even the wrapper!) compared to traditional products, which take 500-800 years

The wrapper can be thrown in your compost bin if you have one! Used products should be thrown in the trash (because they have menstrual blood on them, we do not recommend composting them). They are designed to break down in 150 days in a traditional landfill environment!

Viv tampons are made with a 100% organic cotton core. The applicator is derived from the sugar cane plant. This means that it is plant-derived and made from renewable resources, instead of petroleum-derived like most plastic applicators.

Because tampons are inserted into the body for application and will have menstrual blood & bodily fluids on them, dispose of the tampon and the applicator in the trash.

Regular: Light to normal flow

Super: Normal to heavy flow

Not sure about your flow? (What is a "heavy flow" anyway??) Try a combo box so you can test out some of each!

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Check out our learning center for answers to all your viv questions