Feminist Bodega: About the Brands

August 21-29th 12-6pm       550 Cambridge St       Cambridge, MA

The Feminist Bodega is a pop up shop of women-owned brands in wellness, home, body, and more! Get to know the brands involved, and shop online!

Eco-Friendly        POC-Owned

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Viv was created by eco-conscious menstruators who knew the way the world approached eco-conscious period care needed an overhaul. Each traditional pad takes roughly 800 years to break down, a startling fact that sprung the Viv founders into action. Armed with the knowledge of how harmful period care is on the environment, they made it their mission to place earth-friendly and toxin-free products into the hands of every menstruator.


Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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Plant-based protein for planet based people.

Lupii is unleashing the power of the small‑but‑mighty lupini bean. Tapping into Lupini power, we’re making tasty, sustainable, plant-based protein bars that will keep you running like a boss. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or just plain awesome—eating Lupii is the perfect way to nourish your body while making mama nature proud in the process.


AAPI-Owned        Organic        Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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Our mission is to build a gender-inclusive clean beauty community, as we all work towards achieving our skincare goals. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of handmade, organic and natural products that are chemical-free; choosing to use only the most powerful, intentional, ingredients that benefit your skin.


Latinx-Owned        Eco-Friendly

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Earth-friendly butt stuff on a mission to help preserve forests from the bottom up.


Organic        Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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ThreeMain is transforming the way we clean our homes, through their line of eco-conscious, effective soaps and cleaners packaged in refillable, reusable aluminum bottles. All of their products are 100% non-toxic and Leaping Bunny Certified (cruelty-free), and 3% of sales is donated to organizations cleaning and protecting our oceans.


Made in the USA

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Off Our Rocker Sweet Potato Cookies and Granola are plant based, vegan, gluten free friendly snacks, enjoyed for breakfast, pre or post workout or any time of day. Powered by women over 55 who seek to inspire others to create, believe and make the leap off your rocker!  We want Off Our Rocker Cookies to signify more than just a baked goods company-to show women that reinvention is possible, attainable and rewarding. This is a passion that has provided us with an opportunity for growth, learning personally and professionally and a chance to share our experiences and wisdom to empower and motivate others.  We are most proud of starting a business at 50 plus, for having the courage to reinvent ourselves and to persevere in the food industry. Above all, we have made incredible connections with like minded women of all ages who are eager to help one another and have found this to be empowering, energizing and fulfilling. Rock on and Rock forward!



POC-Owned        Made in the USA

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BEHAVE is reinventing the candy experience with low-sugar, low-net carb, chef-crafted sweets featuring elevated flavors and all-natural ingredients that let you feel good about indulging. Our gummies - which come in Sweet and Sour - are just 1g Sugar, 80 calories, and 4g Net Carbs per bag. And you won't find any GMOs, Gluten, Dairy, or Artificial Colors or Flavors here. So go ahead, eat the whole bag.



Organic        Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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As dedicated triathletes, we were continually disappointed by drinks that were either loaded with sugar, faux-healthy sweeteners or devoid of taste. Introduced to maple water at the Ironman Mont-Tremblant triathlon in Quebec, we were transformed by our first sip and inspired to bottle this ultra-hydrating and delicious water tapped from maple trees. 


POC-Owned        Organic        Eco-Friendly     Made in the USA

YogiBalls is an addictively delicious probiotic snack! Yogurt balls marinated in heart healthy oils and spices, it is a probiotic, only 10 calories a serving, low in sodium, no added sugar and is delicious. YogiBalls is the only `marinated cheese' product that is made with probiotic Yogurt. We use the highest grade organic ingredients without compromise and do not dilute with Canola Oil. Try it and get hooked!


AAPI-Owned        Organic        Eco-Friendly

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Us Two Tea is an Asian-founded and owned tea brand that strives to make Asian tea culture more accessible to the people in the U.S. Sourced from family-owned farms in Taiwan, the tea is packaged in 100% sustainable tea sachets which can be conveniently brewed up to three times. “Us Two” means the two of us. We want to celebrate all the small moments in life that give us the greatest joy - a kiss, a smile, a laugh, or a burst of creativity - alone or in the company of those we love over a cup of tea.


Organic     Eco-Friendly

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CLOVO Brand is a natural hosiery and undergarments company that makes sustainable and functional clothing to empower women and the environment. Developed by women scientists and engineers our designs and materials are made for longevity, comfort, and protecting your body.



AAPI-Owned     Indigenous-Owned     LGBTQ+ Owned     Eco-Friendly     Made in the USA

Faceted Beauty® envisions an inclusive world where people’s multifacetedness is embraced and celebrated. Beauty goes beyond one gender identity, one body type, one ethnicity, one age group, and one pronoun. Beauty transcends a one-size-fits-all. In reflection, Faceted Beauty® specializes in reusable, custom-fit, handcrafted press on gel nails that are reusable over 5X and fortified with real gel (vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free). Simply choose your mani style, checkout, and submit your Nail DNA™ online. Hello, reusable gel mani!



Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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Self-care for all the feels.™ We create vegan and clean self-care products for Gen Z and Millennials to use on good or sh*tty days. Our Bath bombs, candles & body butter are 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free, Stain-free, Non-Toxic, and contain no Parabens or Phthalates. We donate 5% of all net proceeds to the BEAM Collective, a group of activists committed to the emotional mental health and healing of Black communities. Handmade in the USA + Woman-owned.


Made in the USA

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Memore helps you unlock your brain's full potential. Our whole food powders are the easiest way to fill gaps in your diet and get the natural fuel your brain and body need to perform their best.


POC-Owned        Organic        Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

Mayur Naturals is a complete solution for anything you put on your body. We have a skincare, haircare and make-up line that is healthy for you and transforms you, naturally. 


AAPI-Owned        Eco-Friendly

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We're a husband-and-wife duo who first bonded over our love of cabernet sauvignon in a wine tasting class. She introduced him to coffee cocktails, and he introduced her to Scotch Whisky. 

As a health-conscious couple who appreciate the "finer things in life", we've always believed the best food is made fresh with REAL everyday ingredients.

While searching for movie night indulgences and party snacks, we were frustrated by the lack of clean, yet exciting snacks on store shelves. Confections were often TOO sweet, or loaded with artificial fillers, preservatives and guilt...

In 2018, we left our desk jobs to pursue a lifelong passion for food, and started a journey to create a perfect pairing of two loves: snacking + alcohol.


Black-Owned     Organic     Eco-Friendly     Made in the USA

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Soap Her Girl is an eczema friendly and cruelty-free bath and body company which was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2018. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.


Made in the USA

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Frankly, safety products like Flare shouldn’t exist. Much like the Pink Tax, we also bear the burden of a Safety Tax: the physical, mental, emotional, and financial burden of protecting ourselves. It’s time we eliminate it. Flare is a product of this burden and that is why we are asking you to help us create a world where safety products like ours aren’t needed.


Made in the USA

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f(x) foods is Boston-based and certified women-owned by the WBENC. Each of our bars serves a greater function than just filling you up, unlike any other nutrition bar on the market. Our original bar is Brain Food, a soft & chewy bar made from just 11 ingredients all known to fuel your brain - full of almonds, dark chocolate & coconut. Our newest flavor is Muscle Food, a higher-protein bar made from 12 plant-based protein ingredients with a delicious peanut butter taste! We are committed to using ZERO artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners or dyes.



Awkward Essentials is a new kind of no b.s. personal hygiene company, best-known for its marquee product—the dripstick—that makes post-sex cleanup a piece of cake. The brand is on a mission to seriously upgrade your crotch care regimen.


Black-Owned        Latinx-Owned

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Gleam Eyewear is an indie brand of sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses inspired by  women in history for women who make history. Our eyewear is both fashionable and functional and empower women to feel stylish and confident while protecting their eyes.  



Eco-Friendly        Made in the USA

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TITOV was made for those looking for something different in lingerie. Bringing luxurious craftsmanship and uniqueness to your everyday staples. Started by Masha Titova, a multidisciplinary designer, who has worked for the likes of Marc Jacobs, BCBGmaxazria, and Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. She brings her past experiences to create what is TITOV today.  


Uvida Shop is the first and only Zero Waste/eco-friendly store in Boston, Massachusetts.  Initially founded online in September 15, 2019 before opening our first storefront in December 2020, we provide plastic-free products for improving home health with the purpose of protecting the environment from plastic waste, allowing those who want to escape mass single-use plastic products and packaging, which result in environmental degradation, an alternative through our wide variety and ever-expanding selection of affordable and sustainable household goods.