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Our goal is to build a brand that empowers all menstruators to live healthier and more sustainable lives. We are not only dedicated to offering safe and eco-friendly menstrual products straight to your door, but also to smashing the stigmas around periods in our society. We’re building a community of activists, groundbreakers, and advocates for ALL menstruators around the world.

Periods are a biological process, which isn’t connected to gender identity. Viv is committed to inclusivity, and that means EVERYONE with a period is welcome in the Viv community. Not everyone who menstruates is a woman, and not all women menstruate. Your gender is so much more than a biological process. When we talk about periods, we’re talking to everyone who menstruates, so we use terms like “menstruator” and “people with periods.”

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We're located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

You can always find Viv products right here on our website, as well as on Amazon Prime in the USA. Currently, we are also held in 50+ sustainability & zero waste shops across the USA and Canada. Don’t see us in your local shop? Reach out to support@vivforyourv.com and we’ll see what we can do :) Want to carry Viv products in your shop? Send an email to the same address and let’s chat!

Check out our careers page for any open positions. Don’t see a role that screams YOU but think you’d be a great fit for the team? Send an email to careers@vivforyourv.com and let us know! We’re always looking to grow.

As part of our mission to combat period stigmas and period poverty, we run many donation campaigns throughout the year. Sign up for emails to get updates on donation opportunities & information. Looking for donations? Send an email to support@vivforyourv.com

All Viv packaging is made of recyclable paper boxes made with 30% less paper than regular boxes. They are printed with a water-based sustainable ink, making them 100% recyclable.

Right now, we ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Each order has a unique tracking number that will be emailed to you after it ships. You can also track your order and see all order details by making an account with the email used at checkout.

Viv pads, liners, and cups are made in a high-quality facility in China that focuses specifically on innovating for sustainability. Viv tampons are manufactured in Germany, where we are able to source our unique plant-based applicator material. All our products are manufactured with sustainability at the forefront, using the most earth friendly materials on the market.

We are committed to sustainability and transparency in our manufacturing process, which means our products may look a bit more expensive than other period products. Viv products are priced as low as possible to stay accessible while committing to our core values. With Viv, you can be confident that your products are having the least impact on the environment while having the safest impact on your body.



Bamboo fiber is incredibly absorbent, and corn fiber with incredibly soft. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial. We use pure corn & bamboo, which are not grown with any harmful pesticides or chemicals, making it naturally hypoallergenic, softer, and more comfortable than cotton. Besides the impact to the earth (these crops use less than 1/4th the land & water required for cotton), these products work together to create the best material for pads. Did you know bamboo fiber is also known as the “breathing fiber”? Perfect for period care.

Viv pads and liners will completely biodegrade 150 days after disposal (including the wrapper).

Recommended every 4-8 hours. If your flow is heavy you may need to change it more often. Never leave a pad or tampon in for more than 8 hours. If you’re looking for a longer-term option, the viv cup can be left in for 12 hours at a time.

The Viv Menstrual Cup is a zero-waste period care option that is not only good for the environment, but also easy on your wallet & schedule. Save money by not having to repurchase tampons or pads every month. Save time by leaving your cup in all day-- it's safe to leave in for 12 hours! So there's no need to constantly change your pad or tampon throughout the day. Made of 100% medical grade, FDA approved silicone, the menstrual cup is designed with a ring stem for easy removal and a dark color to prevent staining. Using the Viv cup reduces your risk of toxic shock syndrome, bacterial infection, and can reduce cramp symptoms. The Viv menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years with proper care.

The Viv Cup is recommended for ALL menstruators. If you have an IUD or NuvaRing, please consult with your healthcare provider before using the Viv Cup. When inserted correctly, you will not be able to feel the cup and it will stay in place for up to 12 hours! It can be worn during any activity— yes, ANY activity— besides penetrative vaginal intercourse. This means the Viv Cup is perfect for all of life’s activities— swimming, yoga (even the craziest upside down poses), dancing, running, sleeping (yep, you can wear it over night!). At Viv we embrace any kind of lifestyle, and the Viv Cup will there for you, creating no waste, through it all.

We're not just selling products, we're building a community. Follow our journey on Instagram and Tik Tok @vivforyourv, check out our merch, or send your fav menstruator a box of Viv goodies!