Bamboo Liners

  • $6.00

earth-friendly bamboo pads delivered to your door

14 biodegradable bamboo liners per box.

Comes with reusable packaging.

Viv liners are made of natural bamboo fiber for eco-friendly softness and ultimate absorption.

Viv liners are: naturally antibacterial, allergy-free, breathable, super soft & more absorbent than cotton and organic cotton products. 

Ingredients: natural organic bamboo fiber, natural corn fiber, wood pulp paper, absorbent polymer, biodegradable plant-based alternative to plastic, adhesive for pad wings

100% plastic-free, saving the equivalent of 48 plastic bags per period.

100% toxin-free, because your body deserves better.

No phthalate, non-toxic, pollution-free, BPA-free.

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