Combo Box - Liners & Pads

  • $18.00

combo box of biodegradable organic bamboo liners & pads

sustainable & earth-friendly liners delivered to your door

The real deal, made of real ‘boo. These biodegradable, antibacterial, allergy-free, breathable, comfortable and super absorbent pads and liners are kind to our planet and your body. Enjoy 20 winged pads & 22 panty liners delivered to your door.

Earth-friendly menstrual care to help you conquer even more. 

These liners are 95% biodegradable and BPA free. With 1 full combo box you save the plastic equivalent of 128 plastic bags.

Ingredients: natural organic bamboo fiber, natural corn fiber, wood pulp paper, absorbent polymer, biodegradable plant-based alternative to plastic, adhesive for wings (only non-biodegradable aspect).

No phthalate, non-toxic, and pollution-free. 

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