What's In My Viv Tote?

By Leanne Barbarito

BIG NEWS- Viv is releasing tote bags! These totes are made of certified organic cotton and are printed with eco-friendly water based ink. They are perfect for carrying your essentials, grocery shopping, and even trips to the beach. These will be released tomorrow, July 16, 2021!

This is a very exciting blog post for me because there was a period in my teenage years where I only watched "what's in my bag" videos on YouTube.  It's finally my time to shine and share what's in my bag. (My inner 14 year old self is screaming!)



I recently discovered these granola bars by f(x) foods and they're delicious! They make the perfect healthy snack to take on the go. My favorite is the "brain food" bar.

Hand Sanitizer

Like many, the pandemic made me more of a germaphobe than I was prior to last year.  I'm always the friend to have sand sanitizer on me if anyone needs!

Water Bottle

It's still Plastic Free July, so I always make sure I have my reusable bottle with me at all times.  Staying hydrated and sustainable is a must.

Metal Straws

I always have at least two metal straws on me incase someone else wants a straw, without using a plastic one.


The east coast is suffering this summer with horrible weather. It's been raining practically everyday, which means I can't even leave the house without an umbrella anymore lately!

Wallet, Car Keys, Asthma Inhaler, Sunglasses

These are pretty self explanatory, but essential.

Last but certainly not least, tampons

There's nothing worse than getting your period and not having any products on you.  I always keep Viv Tampons in my bag just incase I unexpectedly get my period or if someone else needs.

This bag is so durable and certainly holds a lot of the essentials.  Get your hands on one tomorrow while supplies last!

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