What Kind of Menstruator Are You?

By Alma Bengio

What kind of menstruator are you?

We’re all one of them, or all of them, depending on the month... I personally alternate between the ‘Don’t Talk To Me, I’m On My Period,’ the Crier, and the Emotional Eater. 

Take a look at the list below and let Viv know what kind of menstruator you are! Disclaimer: No wrong answer!

The Chiller

I want to be a chiller. That kind of person that is completely indifferent to having their period. They are just as active as usual, don’t complain, don’t overeat, don’t let everyone know they’re on their period, don’t turn to netflix to distract them from their bad mood. It’s like they’re not even menstruating! If this is you, lucky you.

The ‘Don’t Talk To Me, I’m On My Period’ 

This type of menstruator communicates with their facial expressions and attitude that it’s that time of the month. Mood swings take over, suddenly you’re over sensitive, things that didn’t bother you before now do, and you find more comfort in chocolate ice cream than you do in your friends. I’ve been this type before and while it normally lasts a day or two of being completely unapproachable by my friends and family, you have to just kind of embrace it. I’ve found that fighting it goes against my self-care ethics. 

The Crier 

The title is self-explanatory. It’s when you cry over any little thing. A beautiful ending to a movie, the perception that someone is being rude to you, sad news you find yourself reading that day, the list goes on and on… You just become too emotional to be able to handle real life. Again, chocolate and a fun movie are the cure.

The Emotional Eater

This can be a characteristic for any other type of menstruator, or can be the sole side effect of menstruation. You just eat with never-ending hunger. Chocolate is life, carbs are fuel. 

The Couch Potato

This one can also be a characteristic of any other type of menstruator. But if you are a couch potato it means that your lack of energy takes the best of you and your couch becomes your bed, office, and place to spend alllllll of your time. My tip has always been: give in to that time of the month, and embrace the ‘don’t bother me until further notice’ attitude; you have a free pass! But, if you don’t like being this way, take it easy with some light exercise and try to incorporate cucumber, ginger, or pineapple to your diet, they help with bloating!

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