Vaginal Health Products and Ingredients to Avoid

By Leanne Barbarito

There are so many different types of vaginal health products that are marketed as good for your V, but are they actually?  Keep reading to find out what should be avoided for optimal vaginal health.

Vaginal Washes

Many vaginal washes contain harmful chemicals and fragrances that will only end up being irritating.

Vaginal Wipes

These products are marketed to make you feel clean throughout the day, but aren't really necessary.  Similarly to vaginal washes, they contain a lot of the same ingredients that cause irritation.

Soaps and Lotion With Fragrances

Now just because I'm saying vaginal washes aren't good, don't go running to the store to buy any normal soap.  Most body washes and lotions contain fragrances, so it's important to pay attention to ingredients.  Majority of gynecologists recommend just using water or a very small amount of fragrance free soap meant for sensitive skin in the area, without getting it in your vagina.


This throws off your pH and reduces the acidity in the vagina.  It alters the healthy bacteria in your vagina, which can lead to bacterial and yeast infections.

Non-cotton Underwear

Did you know that your underwear could be impacting your vaginal health? Fabrics like spandex and elastane aren't breathable.  Instead, try sticking to 100% cotton underwear.


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