The Safest Tampons of 2024

Tampons: Are they safe? Do they contain harmful ingredients? How do you know which ones are safe and which aren't??

As more and more information becomes public about the ingredients in traditional tampons, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Even some tampons that seemed safe and were advertised as "organic" have come under fire for misleading wording around the quality of their products.

The easiest way to make sure the tampons you're using are safe: there only needs to be one ingredient, and that's organic cotton. You've probably heard the rule about looking at the ingredient list on food products - if you can't read or can't understand the ingredient, it's probably not great for your body. The same applies to period products!!

In general, you should avoid any tampons that contain fragrances, dyes, dioxins & furans, rayon, titanium dioxide, and polyester (to name a few). You also want to make sure that your tampons are made of certified organic cotton.

Many brands "contain organic cotton" or have an "organic cotton core" but upon further inspection also contain a bunch of other ingredients. Looking for the safest tampons of 2024? Look no further than Viv Organic Cotton Tampons.


Viv Tampons contain only one ingredient: 100% certified organic cotton. They come in a super smooth, round tip applicator that is 100% BPA-free.

We put tampons in one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies every month, and with Viv Tampons, you can feel confident that there is no risk of toxin-exposure and no crazy chemicals interrupting your hormones.

Viv Tampons come in three absorbency options: regular, super, and a combo box of both. Want to stock up for a discount? You can get 4 boxes of Viv Tampons (that's 72 tampons!!) for the price of 3 when you shop the Viv Organic Cotton Tampon Bundle!


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