Reusable vs. Disposable Period Products: Which is Right for Me?

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a period care option is that you should use whatever product you feel most comfortable with. Periods are personal, and however you feel best managing your period is the way you should do it!

Most of us start our period journeys with disposable products: pads, liners, and tampons. These products are used once and then thrown away. While disposable products are still the most prominent, reusable options like menstrual cups, discs, and period underwear have been rising in popularity. So, if you're considering switching to (or just trying out) a reusable option, here are some reasons why it might be the right choice for you:


Switching to a reusable period care option eliminates all the waste involved in having a period. We use period products every month for ~40 years of our lives. Most disposable period products are wrapped in plastic or made of plastic themselves. That's a lot of waste accumulated over time! Switching to a reusable option, like the Viv Cup, that you can use over and over for years, ensures that you're not contributing more waste to landfills and overall having a positive impact on the earth!

Saves $$$

Let's be real: the cost of period products adds up. And I'd rather spend that money on something fun (or other necessities, tbh). It's estimated that you'll spend $9,000 on period care in your lifetime. Switching to a reusable option means you spend money on one period product, and get $9,000 back in your pocket (that's basically earning $9,000 right? Girl math.)


If you've never used a reusable period product, you might not know that they usually last much longer than any pad or tampon. You can leave the Viv Cup in for up to 12 hours at a time. No risk of TSS or any infection, because it's made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and holds as much as up to 5 tampons. One of the worst parts about being on your period is changing your product, especially in public, at school or work, or at night. Reusable options will keep you protected all day long. Can't believe it? Try the Viv Cup for yourself and see!

Reusable options may be the period care of the future, but disposable products aren't going anywhere. Pads and tampons are great for anyone who is comfortable and confident using them! When choosing a product, look out for their ingredients to make sure they're safe for your body. Viv Tampons, Pads, and Liners are perfect for all disposable-loving menstruators who are looking for a more sustainable and toxin-free option that feels & looks like the products you know!

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