Removing Gender From Periods: A Guide to Inclusivity

Not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women. In order to achieve true menstrual equity, menstrual health care, and menstrual education, we must include everyone who menstruates in our conversations, and that must include de-gendering periods. That starts with the way we speak about and interact with our periods every day.

Why remove gender from period language?

Equating menstruation with womanhood can be extremely harmful to all non-binary and trans folk who menstruate but are not women. At a minimum, using gendered language when talking about periods can enhance gender dysphoria, and at its worst, can put menstruators in danger due to lack of adequate medical research & care.

Additionally, many women do not menstruate, but that doesn't make them any less of a woman! Womanhood is completely separate from menstruation, and using inclusive language when talking about periods does not negate anyone's womanhood.

A Guide to Inclusive Period Language

Instead of saying "women" or "girls" when talking about periods, use "people with periods," "people who menstruate," or "menstruators."

Instead of saying "feminine hygiene products" or "feminine products," say "period products," "period care," "menstrual products," or just call them what they are (tampons, pads, menstrual cups, etc.).

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

By using inclusive language when talking about periods, you are making an impact on the world. It's all about practice and shifting the language that your brain defaults to using. If we all make an effort to intentionally be more inclusive, we are setting new norms and making the world a more comfortable, inviting, and safer place for everyone. Periods are so personal, and so many of us already feel uncomfortable talking about them. As we normalize periods, we must ensure that we include everyone who menstruates in our movement.

Use Inclusive Period Products

Here at Viv, we approach our product line from an inclusive mindset. Our goal is to have an option that you feel most comfortable using (and to make sure it's 100% safe and as earth friendly as possible!). We do not use gendered language on our packaging, in our marketing, or in any content, because being inclusive is part of our mission.

Shop inclusive, sustainable period care that really works and join the movement to bring period care into the future!

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