International Women's Day & What it Means in 2021

It is... International Women’s Day!
First honored in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland (all places with
good chocolate- coincidence? I think not.), International Women’s Day was
implemented during a time in which women were fighting for the right to
work, vote, hold public office, and break barriers of stigma created by the
patriarchy. However, the Triangle Factory Fire of 1911 took place right after
the first celebration of IWD, with the labor conditions of women being given
more attention between the disastrous event and uprising of feminism. Soon
after many more European countries began recognizing IWD and its values,
Russian women followed suit and began a strike for “bread and peace”
yielding in the Russian government giving women the right to vote. However,
it was only about 60 years after that International Women’s Day would be
officially celebrated by the United Nations. By 1996, the UN finally began
implementing themes into their International Women’s Day celebrations,
with years such as “Women and Human Rights” or “World Free of Violence
Against Women”. The UN had a similar trajectory to other countries in
regards to women’s rights, and the acknowledgements of the incredible
advancements made should be taken with the criticisms of how long it took
to get here. Though we have made it far, there is still lots to get done.
So... What’s this year’s theme?
In light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that took the world by a
storm, acknowledging the incredible women that have served as leaders
during this time is crucial. #ChooseToChallenge emphasizes the importance
of achieving equity in a COVID-19 world, where elements of inequality in a
pandemic setting may be brought to light. According to the United Nations,
the current trajectory of progress in our governments will not reach gender
parity before 2063. This year’s pandemic has proved that the women
frontline healthcare workers were a critical pillar. However, these frontline
workers got paid 11% less globally when compared to their male
As women, we have proven ourselves as global leaders this year. Not only
has the pandemic shown our essential presence in various professions, but it
has brought to light that despite our qualifications, we are held back by
So today, March 8th, whether you identify as a woman or not, the Viv Hive will
#ChooseToChallenge you to recognize and provide social support to our
women heroes during COVID-19.

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