How to Talk About Periods in a More Inclusive Way

When talking about periods, here are some words to shift in your vocabulary to use more inclusive language and remove gender from the conversation.

 Instead of this: Say this:

People with periods

People who menstruate


Feminine Products, Feminine Hygiene Products

Period Products

Period Care

Menstrual Products

Using gendered terms when talking about periods does not include everyone who has a period, because not everyone who has a period is a woman or a girl - and not all women have periods!

Gendered language when discussing menstruation can be harmful because it reinforces the idea that having a period = being a woman. It implies that if you do not have a period, then you are not a "real" woman, which is not true; it also implies that trans men or nonbinary people who menstruate are actually women - which is also not true!!

It's about time we progress our language when it comes to periods, and break down the walls of the gender binary. This Pride Month, take the time to reflect on the language you use, and make adjustments to be more inclusive all year long!

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