The Viv Team's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Here are the viv team's best gifts of 2023. Guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list💁‍♀️

Anna's Picks

Poppy Lissiman Tote

I am a tiny bag or huge bag girl - either let it barely fit my phone or let me carry my whole life in it, nothing in between. My husband got me this bag for my birthday and it is the latter and then some - I can fit my book, my front pack for Rea, spare outfits for both of us, snacks, a scarf, you name it, it fits. The patterns are so fun and the little wallet attachment inside is key!!

L.L. Bean Men’s 100% Cotton Sweater

I own four of these in different colors and styles and find myself reaching for them daily. They are my favorite thrift store find, and there is something about a men’s large that seems to magically fit everyone in my life perfectly. The 100% cotton is key - warm without being too warm, structured without being stiff, slightly heavier weight and still cozy!

Ceramic Mugs

Who doesn’t need a cool locally made mug? These are perfect to find at your closest thrift store, boutique, or from a local artist! It’s so fun to pick out a color style to match your person’s vibe, and sometimes I’ll get myself one to match and think of them!

Good pens & a little leather notebook

My sibling got me this for my bday and it is such a great gift - whether you want to keep a daily to-do list, a place to jot down ideas/weird dreams/inspo, or somewhere to sketch on the go, something feels so romantic about a mini notebook just for you!

Double Zipper Onesies

For your friends with new babies! We have gotten so many amazing and thoughtful baby gifts I could do Rea’s version of the gift guide! But one thing I keep coming back to and feels like a gift to me - a good cotton onesie with a double zipper. Great for sleeping in, easy on and off, you can never have too many. That or a cute winter hat…

Kelly's Picks

Yield French Press

For the coffee lover in your life! An elevated french press like this one from Yield makes the perfect gift paired with a bag of their favorite coffee beans or a thrifted mug! Looks great on your counter or coffee bar (didn't you hear? coffee bar carts are taking over alcohol bar carts in 2024).

People I've Loved Calendar

I loooove having a physical calendar to plan out my life, and I'm obsessed with this one from People I've Loved! Each month has a new illustration with an uplifting (but not cheesy) message. It's completely blank, so you can fill in the numbers & days (perfect for the person who will forget about it halfway through the year and want to use it again in 2025 LOL)

Kristina Micotti Scarf

There's nothing better than a functional, unique gift that also supports an independent artist & small business! I found Kristina Micotti on Instagram and have been obsessed with the blankets and scarves she released this year (like this tomato scarf, but check out this blanket too. So fun!!)


Custom Charm Necklace

Such a fun way to truly customize a gift. Pick out charms that remind you of them, memories you have together, or things you know they love! I'm loving the resurgence of charm jewelry; you can find customizable sellers on etsy or from makers like Happily Made Co and create something one-of-a-kind!

Dusen Dusen Patterned Glasses

My friends got me these glasses for my birthday, and I use them almost every day. If you're gonna be drinking 3 bevvys at all times, they might as well be in fun glasses!! These glasses paired with their favorite drinky drink (Poppi? Olipop? Recess?) Chef's kiss!

Local Coffee Shop Gift Card

My brother is moving across the country on December 27th, sooo I can't really get him anything for Christmas that won't fit in his suitcase. Instead, I did a little research on his new city and got him a gift card to a local coffee shop. That way, he'll have a new spot to explore that'll hopefully make it feel like a little bit like home! Everyone loves coffee (or at least a pastry), and gift cards are a great way to support local businesses!

Katie's Picks

Poppi Subscription

For the functional beverage-obsessed, get them a subscription to their favorite brand, whether it's Poppi, Olipop, Recess, Aura Bora (these are just a few of our faves). A fridge restock will show up at their door right when they need it!


Hatch Alarm Clock

 If your iPhone alarm sound gives you PTSD, this one's for you. Hatch is not just an alarm clock, it's your sleep bestie. From wind-down night routines to customizable wake up patterns, with Hatch you'll get the best sleep of your life, every night.

Youth to the People Gift Set

 There are a million skincare options out there, but Youth to the People will always be my go-to. This gift set has the essentials - the Superfood Cleanser (if you haven't tried this yet, you're missing out!!) and the Air-Whip Moisture Cream (perfect for dry winter air). I also love their serums! So many options, all with great ingredients that aren't harsh on your skin.

Smeg Kettle

Kitchen appliances that make your home ~more~ aesthetic? Yes please. Everyone needs a kettle, and this Smeg one will last forever while looking extra sleek on your kitchen counter. Tis the season for a hot cup of tea - especially for the hormonal health girlies in your life!


Classpass or workout studio gift card

 For the person in your life who's always jetting off to a workout class, raving about pilates, or on the hunt for their favorite fitness studio in the city they just moved to, give the gift of ClassPass! They'll get to try out new classes at different studios without having to have a membership. For the friend who knows what they love? Get them a gift card to their studio or gym!

Scent Lab Candle

Want to prove that you truly know someone? Get them a Scent Lab candle. Take their interactive quiz (answering as the person you're gifting, of course) and you'll create a one of a kind scent that you know they'll love (because it was made specifically for them). This winter we're curating the perfect cozy holiday vibes, and Scent Lab is the perfect place to start!

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