Viv's Feminist Bodega: Hosting Our First Event!

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting our first event from August 21-29 !  We have attended many local Boston events in the past, but we have never created our own.  

The theme of this event is the Feminist Bodega, filled with over 20 women owned brands.  The shop will include a variety of snacks, beverages, skincare, and wellness brands.  We've been planning this event for about two months and we're finally seeing it come to life.

Below is a list of all the included brands:

Viv For Your V, Flare, Awkward Essentials, Lupii, JMA Organic, Bippy, Threemain, Off Our Rocker Cookies, Eat Behave, Clovo, Mayur Naturals, MeMore, Drink Simple, Yogi Balls, Us Two Tea, The Cureist, Becalia Botanicals, Soap Her Girl, f(x) foods, Faceted Beauty, Titov, Uvida Shop, and Gleam Eyewear.


Stop by and visit us at 550 Cambridge St. Cambridge, MA 02141 from August 21-29 between 12-6pm.  The week will be full of surprises and fun giveaways.  Hope to see you there!

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