Do Periods Get Worse in the Winter?

Have you noticed that your cramps get more painful, your PMS symptoms get worse, or your period lasts longer when it's cold outside? It's not in your head; there is a scientific explanation for our periods getting worse in the winter!

Winter usually means less time outside, less time in the sunshine, and less physical activity. Sunshine helps make vitamin D and dopamine, both of which boost our moods, motivation, and concentration. Without it, the mood swings we experience due to our periods can be heightened and feel harder to deal with.

Colder temperatures mean changing atmospheric pressure, which is proven to have an effect on our hormonal cycles. During the winter, the secretion of FSH hormone is less than in the summer, making our menstrual cycles longer. Ovarian activity slows down drastically, with ovulation frequency dipping from 97% to 71%. This might be why you feel more exhausted than usual in the colder months!

It's important to remember that taking time to rest & listening to what your body needs is important, especially when things out of our control (like winter) are affecting our cycles! Treat yourself to an extra cozy night in, make your favorite comfort food, and don't forget to stock up on comfortable & sustainable period care from Viv

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