Balance your Hormones in 2023: Healthy Hormones Starter Kit

Everyone is talking about balancing their hormones. But how do you actually do it? Having happy hormones is all about a larger lifestyle that includes nourishing foods, non-toxic products, and selfcare. To make it easier to balance your hormones in 2023, we put together a list of our favorite products that get our happy-hormones stamp of approval – and they’re all women-owned!

Resist Nutrition Bars


  • Optimal nutrition for happy, balanced hormones and blood sugar
  • Clinical trial on stable blood sugar response
  • Vegan, GF, soy-free, keto-friendly + eco-friendly wrappers

Founded by women with hormonal imbalances, Resist was made when they realized just how difficult it was to eat for balanced hormones on-the-go. Each bar has 15g of plant protein, 14-16g of prebiotic fiber per bar, a bunch of healthy fats, and science-backed nutrients like maca and turmeric making Resist the perfect balancing snack!



  • 15 vitamins and minerals providing foundational nutrients needed for healthy hormone function
  • Drinkable for better absorption and easy habit building
  • Recommended by OBGYN, nutritionists and dietitians

Founded by Monica Grohne who struggled with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) for over 17 years before discovering the life changing benefits of daily foundational nutrition. Marea is on a mission to support you with the foundational nutrition needed for healthier, happier cycles because menstrual wellness shouldn’t be a mystery. The PMS Elixir is your daily insurance plan that you’re receiving all the nutrients your hormones need.

Viv for your V


  • 100% toxin-free and sustainable period care
  • Have an option that’s better for you & the earth no matter what product you prefer
  • Perform better than traditional products using innovative materials like bamboo fiber

Viv was created by eco-conscious menstruators who knew the period care industry needed a major makeover. Traditional period products contain harmful toxins that can disrupt your hormonal health, and tons of plastic– one traditional pad contains as much plastic as 4 plastic bags!! Viv is here to give you a safe, sustainable, and high performing option, no matter what product you prefer.

Glow Botanica


  • Drug free, hormone safe, no endocrine disruptors, OBGYN approved
  • Transdermal solutions that don't mess with your gut
  • Proven relief for hormonal imbalance (PMS, Menopause, stress, cramps, bloating, etc.)

Glow Botanica was created by Ana G. Hererra after she suffered from stage IV Endometriosis, excruciating PMS pain, infertility, and five surgeries, ending in a full hysterectomy and leading to surgical menopause. Her painful experience inspired her to help others struggling with hormonal imbalances avoid suffering in silence as she did. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your life and provide natural solutions you can trust so you can live your best self.

Oliver Care Co


  • Free of all known or suspected endocrine disrupting ingredients.
  • Skin and hair loving natural ingredients like ceramides, jojoba and olive oil.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.

At Oliver, we're on a mission to create a hormone healthy future by taking the endocrine disrupting ingredients out of your personal care routine. With trends in hormonal health and fertility on the decline, we know that what you do every day matters for your hormonal health. Oliver makes it simple to replace your everyday products with ones that won't disrupt your hormone balance.

PCOS Recipe Booklet
It has been shown that nutrition and lifestyle factors can make a significant impact on those with a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis, which is why our team has created this booklet. The booklet combines Dr. Lana Butner’s naturopathic medical expertise and Lindley Wells’ functional nutrition knowledge of PCOS and their extensive experience helping to manage this condition in individuals over the years. We have crafted and tested each recipe in the book and created the recipes guided by the following tenants: blood sugar balance, low glycemic, adequate and healthy sources of protein and fat, anti- inflammatory, rich in fiber, and incorporating foods rich in omega 3s, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, and alpha lipoic acid.

Booklet Includes:

  • 7 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes
  • Medical information to help further your understanding of PCOS and how to manage symptoms
  • Nutrition guidelines and specific vitamins and minerals that individuals with PCOS need to focus on consuming
  • Lifestyle modification that someone with PCOS can make in areas such as exercise, skincare, and food storage
  • Supplement and herb suggestions


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