Are Organic Cotton Tampons Actually Better for You?

The average menstruator uses 12,000 tampons in their lifetime. Tampons are one of the most consistently-used products throughout our lives, and they come into contact with one of the most absorbent parts of our bodies (no, seriously - putting something in your vagina is just as absorbent as swallowing something). And yet, most of us aren't aware of the ingredients in our tampons. Traditional period care brands have taken advantage of our lack of questioning and have snuck some pretty harmful chemicals into their tampons. As many of us begin to question and investigate the true quality of our period care & the ingredients in them, it begs the question: Do organic tampons really make a difference? Are they actually better for you?

Traditional tampons (that are NOT organic cotton) have been proven to contain harmful toxins, but the level of danger, and the actual toxins involved are disputed and undisclosed by most brands. Product testing has proven that high levels of endocrine disruptors (chemicals that effect hormones & reproductive health), like phthalates, phenols, and parabens are present in almost all of the most popular traditional tampons. Dioxins, furans, and even PFAS (forever chemicals) were detected - all undisclosed by the brands selling these tampons.

“These new results add to the growing body of evidence reaffirming that we need to know more, not less, about the ingredients in period products,” said Alexandra Scranton, WVE’s Director of Science and Research. “Millions use menstrual products on a monthly basis. It is unacceptable that there are so many unknowns about the ingredients, safety, and health impacts of products that come into contact with one of the most sensitive and absorbent parts of the body.”

There is a solution to ease your mind: organic tampons. Choosing organic cotton tampons eliminates the risk of all harmful toxins and exposure to endocrine disruptors. But not all "organic" tampons are created equally. Some brands claim to "contain organic cotton" or have an "organic cotton coating" while still containing other harmful chemicals. To ensure your tampons are 100% safe, look for an ingredient list that is easy to understand and contains only one listing: 100% organic cotton. Viv Tampons are a safe, toxin-free option because they only include certified organic cotton - which means they're ultra absorbent and comfortable too! You deserve to know what you put inside your body, and Viv is committed to 100% transparency about their products. The best part? You can subscribe so they show up at your door right when you need them.

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