8 things to Remember When You Get Your Period for the First Time

1. All menstruators are going to get a period at some point in their life.

    Getting a period can feel like you’re alone and the only one that goes through this journey. That is not the case. There is nothing to be embarrassed about because so many of us experience it. Trust me.

    2. Your timeline will be different than others & that is so okay!

    Half your classmates are going to get a period at some point in their life. & it’s probably not too far off from when you will. People get their period at all ages, some at 8 years old, some at 12, some at 17, and everything in between & more! We all look and are made differently, and so is our period timeline.

    3. Be open to telling your parents or a loved one when it happens, they have been preparing to help.

    Guess what - they’ve been taking note of your age and may have been preparing for this moment. They may not be well equipped or they may whip out a whole kit & throw you a period party, not sure, you know your parent’s vibe better. The point is they want to be there to help you! They’ve also been around the block quite a few times and know what to do. This is one of those times where you should probably listen to them.

    4. Your period is still figuring itself out - it may be different the first few times.

    If your period seems different each time for the first few times, that is common. It is figuring itself out! Irregularity can be expected at first. If this goes on, share with your pediatrician and don’t gaslight yourself into thinking it’s normal forever. Your period tells a lot about our health, so it’s important to share that information with your doctor.

    5. Try new products and figure out what feels best for YOU.

    Even if that’s different from your friends or what someone gives you for your first period. You will feel so liberated and comfortable when you find the kind of period care that you enjoy using the most, and don’t let anyone shame you for what you choose to use. It’s your body and your period, 100% your own. We don’t own and have rule over a lot of things growing up, but you do over your period.

    6. Your period is more than just the days you bleed. Learn about the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle.

    Do some research on the menstrual cycle! It’s so much more than a few days of inconvenient bleeding. You have different strengths and needs during the 4 different phases. 4 different super powers throughout 1 cycle. It makes the whole bleeding part way cooler when you understand the whole process.

    7. Half the world population gets a period - it is nothing to have shame or embarrassment about.

    So many of us menstruate. Half the world. It is a normal and common thing and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

    8. You’re going to get the hang of it sooner than you think.

    If it’s day 1 of your period, hey, I see you and I am so proud of you for doing your research. Remember what it was like to learn a new subject for the first time or how to ride a bike? It takes a second to master it. But you will! Probably faster than riding a bike I might add.

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