Upcoming Event:

November 12th, 8pm ET: How to Incorporate Sustainability in 2020

Join us to explore how the Sustainability Space has shifted & changed in 2020. Top leaders from some of your favorite companies will give you tips and insights on how to implement sustainability moving forward. Tune in for an interesting discussion and more!

More about our panelists: 

Travis Rosenbach: Hydro Flask Founder

Deena Jalal: Deena grew up eating farm fresh, scratch food. After a decade in traditional marketing roles, she decided to invest in her true passions. FoMu is inspired by her family, ingredients, and health.  It is plant-based, flavor-forward and made with real ingredients. It launched in 2011 and has grown in tandem with her own family, which includes her husband and three little boys. 

Joe Cloyes: Co-founder and CEO of Youth To The People, husband and father to two amazing daughters. 3rd generation skincare maker with a passion for innovation, sustainability and the best ingredients. Youth to the people is about more than just skincare it is rooted in mindful activism, working toward a more just world.

Caroline Katsiroubas: Caroline Katsiroubas is the Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Freight Farms, the global leader in hydroponic vertical container farming technology. With a family history of more than 100 years in the fruit and vegetable distribution business, Caroline was led to a career helping to increase food system sustainability and transparency as one of Freight Farms earliest team members. Today she works to educate and empower individuals and businesses on how they can bring hyper-local food production to their own communities and operations. Prior to joining Freight Farms, Caroline received a BS in Sociology and Environmental Studies from Northeastern University and has experience working with the National Park Service and Environmental Health Fund.