We recommend the Small Viv Cup for most first time cup users and people who have not given birth vaginally. The Large Viv Cup may work for you if you have given birth vaginally or if you an experienced cup user who knows you need a larger size. The XS Viv Cup is for new or petite menstruators, those with a light flow or a low cervix. See more on sizing here.

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Viv pads and liners are 100% plastic-free and made of bamboo and corn fibers. These source materials reduce agro waste, using less land, water, and CO2 to produce than cotton and organic cotton products. Viv pads & liners break down in just 150 days, compared to traditional products, which take 500-800 years. The wrapper is certified home compostable and made from corn starch!

Viv pad and liner wrappers can be thrown in your compost bin if you have one! Used pads, liners, tampons, and tampon applicators should be thrown in the trash (because they have menstrual blood on them, we do not recommend composting or recycling them). Viv pads and liners are designed to break down in just 150 days in a traditional landfill!

Viv tampons are made with 100% organic cotton throughout. The applicator is BPA-free plastic, so it is smooth and comfortable with no harmful chemicals or toxins.

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