WTF is Tampon Shrinkflation? Is it Real?

You may be familiar with the term "shrinkflation." It basically means that manufacturers are reducing the size of products, while keeping the price to consumers the same. This increases margins for the manufacturer, while you get less product for your money. We've seen it with bags of chips or pints of ice cream, but there's a new theory going viral on TikTok: tampon & pad shrinkflation!

Content creator Melissa Simonson called out Tampax in a TikTok, claiming that the size of tampons has decreased in the last couple years, leading people to believe they are bleeding more because they're going through tampons faster. Some are even seeking medical help, thinking there's something wrong with their cycles.

Other TikTok users chimed in, claiming that pads have gotten thinner and smaller, and tampons are less absorbent than they used to be.

Soooo, what's the truth? Could period care brands be changing products to cut costs & deceive menstruators?

Let's turn to the facts. Period products are actually classified as medical devices and tampon absorbencies are regulated by the FDA. So no brand could start claiming a regular tampon is a super tampon (without getting in trouble with the government). That being said, it's not out of the realm of possibility that large brands are pushing the limits and cutting costs wherever possible. The worst part of it all: they're not being transparent with their customers.

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