Why Bamboo Pads Are Superior to Cotton Pads

By Leanne Barbarito

Like many, I always believed that using cotton pads were my only option when it came to deciding on what pad to use.  After thorough research, I was in fact incorrect and discovered the many benefits to using bamboo pads over cotton ones. I'm so excited to share the many benefits of using our bamboo pads.

Naturally Hypoallergenic and Breathable

Bamboo is less irritating and doesn't contain chemicals.  This makes bamboo the perfect option for those with sensitive skin.  It's also more breathable than cotton, which makes it more comfortable to wear throughout your period.

Saves Water

Bamboo pads require 1/4 the amount of water that cotton needs, saving 607 gallons of water with each Viv box.

No Fertilizers and Uses Less Land

Bamboo grows best organically without fertilizers.  Not only is this better for your body, but it's better for the environment.  Also, bamboo is grown vertically, which takes up much less land than cotton.

Plastic Free

Did you know that the typical cotton pad contains the same amount of plastic as four plastic bags?! That's 48 plastic bags per box of pads. Our bamboo pads contain zero plastic.

More Comfortable

Since bamboo is grown without fertilizers, the fibers are naturally softer with no sharp spurs to irritate your skin.  Not only is bamboo soft, but it's more absorbent than cotton.


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