What To Do If You Need an Abortion (in a place with no clinics)

If you are pregnant and in need of an abortion, especially in a location where clinics are not accessible, it can be hard to know what to do and where to start.

Keep one thing in mind: if you are in need of an abortion and do not have the money for the procedure or the travel & lodging required, it's going to be okay. You did not do anything wrong, and it's not your fault this country is actively working against us. There are organizations here to help through every step of the process.

Here is a step by step list of what to do to get the medical care you need:

Make an appointment at a clinic right away (even if it's out of state).

The further along you are, the more expensive the procedure will be, and the fewer clinics will offer it. Pick a clinic that works for you- either the closest one to you, or in a location where you have family or friends.

You might think you need to get your money together before making an appointment, but this is not true. Clinics will be even busier than usual right now, so it's important to secure your spot.

Finding a Clinic

Find a clinic through an abortion fund, so you know you will be supported. Abortion funds don't work with every clinic, so it's useful to find one that you know is connected, as opposed to just googling for clinics. Check the National Abortion Federation or the National Network of Abortion Funds. You can also ask a clinic if they work with an abortion fund when you call to set up an appointment.

Securing Travel & Lodging

Once you make an appointment, the next step is finding travel to and from the clinic, and lodging while you're there. The Brigid Alliance can help with that. Make sure you have your appointment first, and try to figure out how far along you are (this can determine the cost and if your procedure will take 2 days).

Connecting with an Abortion Fund

Now it's time to connect with an abortion fund to secure your support. Funds' hotlines will be very busy right now, so you may need to call a few times. Some may have you leave a message or send an email. Calling is always the best option if possible. When you made your appointment, the clinic may have told you about available funds, and you may be able to coordinate everything right through them!

Clinics and Abortion funds will be very sensitive to your privacy and confidentiality. It's important for you to communicate early on: What is the best way to contact you? Is it ok for them to leave a message or text you? Is it ok for them to say what they're contacting you about? Their goal is to keep you as safe as possible, so be as transparent as possible!

Everyone you talk to wants to help you. That's what they're there for! You all have the same goal. That being said, a lot of the people you will speak with are volunteers who are handling a large volume of people just like you. Try to be patient!

How the Abortion Fund Works

Abortion funds will pledge directly to the clinic, not to you. Usually, someone at the fund or someone at the clinic will be your point person for managing the funds. If you have any amount of money you can contribute, no matter how small, it will help!

Your main job is making yourself available for communication and showing up where you need to be (for a flight, for the appointment, etc).

Abortions are completely safe.

Needing an abortion can be stressful and isolating, and it's easy for your brain to feel like it's shutting off with fear. Know that clinics and funds work with each other all the time. Tens of thousands of pregnant people before you have gone through this process in the exact same way. Making this decision for yourself is an act of courage and self love, and we are proud of you!

For More Help

Refer to abortionfunds.org or prochoice.org to learn more about your options and to get more information about the abortion process.

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