What To Do if You Get Your Period on an Airplane


It's a situation you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy: unexpectedly getting your period in the middle of a flight. Thousands of miles in the air, your uterus decided NOW was the perfect time to hit EJECT. What do you do???

First thing's first: don't panic. You've (probably) had a period before, and so have almost half of the people on this flight with you. You're not alone, and you're going to be okay!! Take a deep breath.

If you packed for getting your period, go grab a tampon or a pad from you carry-on and head back to the bathroom. Nbd!

If you weren't expecting to get your period, now's your time to become a super sleuth. Many airplane bathrooms actually have period products available for you to use, though they're often in a hidden drawer or cabinet somewhere under the sink. Check your surroundings, and see what your options are in this plane restroom. Most of the time, the free product will be a pad, and it probably won't be the most comfortable or high quality, but it'll get the job done, at least until you're back on the ground!

Can't find any period products in the bathroom? That airline needs to do BETTER tbh. You have a few options to pick from now. If you're traveling with a friend, family member, or anyone else who menstruates, they may have packed period products! Head to their seat and ask. If you're feeling confident, you can ask any other passenger on the plane too! Flight attendants are there to help you, and are usually prepared for anything. You always have the option to ask if they have any period products or if there are any onboard.

In the (small) chance that no one has any period care to share, you can always resort to the toilet-paper-pad. Though it's never ideal, it will probably keep your clothes safe from stains for the duration of your flight.

When the plane lands, head to the bathroom to check for period products, or to the airport convenience store to stock up in an emergency.

Keep in mind that the stress of travel can sometimes affect your period, so if you notice this cycle isn't as regular, or it's heavier or lighter than normal, don't worry! It's probably just your body trying to regulate from being in a new environment.

Be prepared in the future by packing a travel essentials kit including period products! Packing even a single pad, tampon, or liner in your carryon, even if you aren't expecting your period to hit mid-flight, can reduce a ton of stress if your body has other plans!

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