What Does Environmental Sustainability Mean to Viv?


By Leanne Barbarito

To me, environmental sustainability means maintaining our natural resources and lowering the environmental impact we have on Earth.  Conserving our resources and making more conscious decisions is important for the health and wellbeing of generations to come.  We see the effects our actions have on the environment, so it's up to us to prevent further damage.

What sustainability efforts is Viv making?

The menstrual care industry is unethical and not sustainable longterm.  Big companies use cheap labor to create their products with ingredients that aren't safe for our bodies or the environment.  Viv is taking action to make change.

Our tampon applicators are made out of a cane sugar based bioplastic, which reduces single use plastics and carbon emissions in the production process.

Our pads are made of bamboo, which doesn't require harmful fertilizers to grow.  They are also biodegradable and will break down in 150 days, whereas traditional pads take up to 800 years!

We also created the Viv Cup, which is our most eco-friendly product.  This zero-waste product can be used for up to 10 years when cared for properly.  With this product, you'll never have to buy disposable menstrual products again!  

In addition to the environmental sustainability efforts we are making for our products, we ensure that they are produced in ethical and safe working environments.  

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