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The Agenda Period is an up and coming new phone app that dives deeper into what it really means to track your period. We got the opportunity to sit down with the founders Alyx and Sunny to talk about their company. 

The Agenda Period helps menstruators track their cycles and the differences month by month. Where did this idea come from and develop??  

When Alyx started her health coaching business - she felt all over the place as a new entrepreneur. She was seeking a grounding point. A mentor recommended that she track her sales conversations so she could see that people were in fact signing up to work with her. Interestingly enough, when she did that, she found that her highest sales rates were happening during the ovulation phase of her cycle. She had learned about cycle syncing in the past, but never for her business. With her own data she became curious to see what other business tasks could more easily sync with different parts of the cycle. Thus the idea for The Agenda. was born. 

What is the importance of tracking a period and emotions throughout one’s cycle?

There is this narrative around menstrual cycles and the hormonal fluctuations that we experience because of them. We have heard over and over that women are unpredictable, crazy, and overly emotional and often the hormonal shifts are pointed to as the culprit. 

When we begin to track our menstrual cycles something totally different is illuminated. We are totally predictable. We are cyclical! Our customers find that they have distinct patterns and ways they operate in the different phases - which is so different from the old way of considering the cycle. When you can see that for yourself it helps you take your power back. 

Your period also serves another important function. Your cycle can be considered your health report card. If you have been tracking and something changes it can indicate a bigger health problem. When you know your body in this way, you can advocate for the right amount of care and support. 

How does the Agenda Period differentiate from its competitors??

There are many period tracking apps on the market. Their main focus is that - tracking periods. Showing people when they can expect their next period to start as well as highlighting potential ovulation. This information is helpful to people and can help inform their planning to an extent - but we don’t think it goes far enough. 

The Agenda. app will help users plan out their month using the benefits of their cycle phases! We will have coaching insights, suggested tasks per cycle phase, and the ability to schedule your daily tasks right there in the app.  We will also have google calendar integration so our users can see their tasks right on the calendars they are already using.

The underlying message still existing in the market is that periods sucks so we should know when to avoid them. The Agenda. App shows users how each phase of the cycle rocks in its own unique way - and encourages users to harness those strengths for their own benefit! It is a really stark contrast to what exists in the market! 

We love seeing two women take on the entrepreneurial world!! What advice can you give someone thinking about making the stride into a startup environment? 

MENTORSHIP! There are still far too few women in the space and it can be discouraging. Link up with others who have done what you want to do. We really need each other to navigate all of these systems and structures. We can accomplish so much more when we work together and receive support from those who have come before us!

Looking back, what advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

You are not too much - you are the right amount. To accomplish big bold things in this world you need to follow your own internal compass. You will not be the right fit for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to shrink yourself. You already belong. 

At Viv, we love to have a conquer more mentality- it pushes and encourages us. What does conquering even more mean to you? 

Don’t listen to the way that things have always been done. Follow that internal voice. When something isn’t right, work tirelessly to change it. We need people to keep disrupting and challenging the system if we want a more just and equitable world for everyone.

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