Things I Wish I Knew Before Using a Menstrual Cup for the First Time

by Katie Diasti, Founder & CEO of Viv

About 4 years ago, I nervously tried a menstrual cup for the first time. I made sure my day had very little on the agenda and mainly involved lounging around on my couch in my apartment. I remember looking at the silicone cup thinking how on Earth is this supposed to sit inside of me all day. I was more of a pad user, so a cup was very much out of my comfort zone, but I was prepared to start my menstrual cup journey. I had read and heard rave reviews about cups from friends, strangers on tiktok, and even podcast hosts. So if they could do it, so could I.

If you’re about to kick start your menstrual cup journey for the first time:

1. I am so proud of you!!

2. Here are all my tips as someone who hasn’t looked back since trying a cup 4 years ago, because it really is that life changing.

Want to follow along as you read these tips? Shop the Viv Cup Starter Kit, the beginner-friendly kit we created for moments like these.

    Tip 1: Relax your body.

    The more tense you are, the harder cup insertion is going to be. For me, this meant lots of deep breaths, playing relaxing songs, and even taking a hot shower or drinking hot tea. Get as zen as possible.

    Tip 2: Learn the folds.

    There are many folding options to help you insert your menstrual cup. If you’re using the Viv Cup Starter Kit, our How To Guide shows a variety of folds. Everyone’s body is different for this one. I prefer a C-Fold, where you pretty much fold the cup in half like a taco, but I know friends who have sworn by the punch down or 7-fold. Don't worry, you’ll have plenty of period opportunities to find the best fold for you.

    Tip 3: You shouldn’t feel it.

    If you can feel your cup and it feels incredibly uncomfortable, it’s probably inserted incorrectly. You shouldn't be able to feel your cup once it is inserted properly. If you can, the cup might not be high enough up. You’ll want to ensure the stem is fully inside. If you can’t feel anything, awesome, you probably did it right!

    Tip 4: The SHOWER!

    I prefer to remove and insert my cup in the shower. It’s less messy, your body is relaxed from the warm water, and I keep my Viv Menstrual Cup Gel Wash in there so I can give the cup a clean while my hair mask is marinating.

    Tip 5: Break. The. Seal.

    Now, even though the Viv cup has a handy ring at the bottom of it, do NOT just pull the ring to yank the cup out. You must pinch the cup a bit or punch in one of the sides to break the suction seal that the cup has held inside of you all day. Understood? Great.

    Now you’re ready to give the cup a go! If you have any additional questions, we’re here to help. Check out our Learning Center for videos on how to use the cup, and reach out to if you have any other questions.

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