The Small Menstrual Cup for Beginners

Let's be honest: menstrual cups can be intimidating. But they can also make your period so much easier (because you can leave them in for 12 hours), and save you thousands of dollars (because they're reusable for years).

If a menstrual cup sounds interesting, but you don't know where to start to find the right cup for you, let me introduce you to Viv.

The Viv Cup comes in an extra small size created for beginners, teens, anyone with a smaller frame, or anyone who is concerned about being able to use a cup because of its size.


The XSmall Viv Cup has a ring stem that makes the removal process sooo much easier than a stick stem. The ring sits fully inside, and you can't feel it at all! The Viv Cup is made of ultra soft, smooth, medical-grade silicone, so it slides right in for an easy insertion process.

 Compared to other menstrual cup options, the XSmall Viv Cup offers a softer, more beginner-friendly experience. It is both shorter and thinner than other cup options, so it's a great introduction as you become comfortable with cups, or as your body changes over time!

Not sure if you should use the XSmall or the Small Viv Cup? Try our Menstrual Cup Discovery Kit, and give yourself options while setting yourself up for success! This kit comes with both XSmall and Small Viv Cups, a cup wash, and a box of Viv liners for extra protection as you learn how to use the cup. All at a discounted price!


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