Periods: Myth or Fact?

By Leanne Barbarito

Myth or Fact; You can't use tampons before you lose your virginity, or you will no longer be a virgin.

  • MYTH: You can definitely use tampons if you are a virgin.  Tampons can tear your hymen sometimes, but so can other activities like riding horses.  Tampons will NOT "take your virginity" and they are perfectly safe for virgins.
Myth or Fact; Period blood is dirty
  • MYTH: Period blood is actually clean, just like the blood running throughout the rest of your body.  It's just your uterine lining shedding.

Myth or Fact; Your period gets worse in the winter

  • FACT: Blood circulation is worse in the winter, causing blood vessels to be constricted.  This can lead to more pain due to the reduction in period blood flow.
Myth or Fact; Sharks are more likely to attack people on their period.
  • MYTH: There is no evidence to support this, so I think you're fine unless you're swimming in deadly shark infested waters.  I don't think anyone would intentionally want to do that anyway regardless of your period.

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