Menstrual Cup Myths

Menstrual cups can be intimidating at first, but this is most likely due to the many myths surrounding them.  Below you'll find some myths and the truth.
  • MYTH:They’re dirty and difficult to clean in public

  • TRUTH: Menstrual blood isn’t dirty and you can clean the cup with water and tissue after each use. Cups should also be boiled to sanitize at the start and end of your period. Cups can be cleaner than other products!

  • MYTH: You can’t pee with a cup

  • TRUTH: Blood and pee come out of two separate holes. Yes, you can pee with the cup in.


  • MYTH:They’re painful and uncomfortable

  • TRUTH: If inserted correctly, you shouldn't even feel it.

  • MYTH:You can’t use with a super light or super heavy flow

  • TRUTH: Regardless of flow, will just catch the blood.  If your flow is light, cups might even be a more comfortable option than cotton.  Cups will hold more blood than a tampon if you have a heavy flow as well.

  • MYTH:You can’t use it while working out

  • TRUTH: Like a tampon, cups are inside of your body and aren’t uncomfortable to work out in.  The cup shouldn't get in the way of your workout routine.

  • MYTH: If you use a cup, you’re no longer a virgin

  • TRUTH: A cup can't "take away your virginity"

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