How To Handle Thanksgiving in 2020

Thanksgiving in 2020 & How to Approach Self Care during the Holidays
By: Haley Guerin

         Pumpkin pie, fall candles, quality time with family, traveling... Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? We sure do! However, this year looks a lot different. At Viv, we believe in a holistic approach to health, taking time to nurture the mind, body, and soul. We have created a fun little Thanksgiving guide to help you enjoy your holiday no matter what your circumstance may be this Thanksgiving. Let’s get cookin’!

         To start off, it is important to recognize that your Thanksgiving this year may (and probably should) look a little different than it usually does due to COVID-19 and that is ok. Thanksgiving is all about slowing down and being thankful, so it’s time you give yourself some extra self love. Some families are having smaller gatherings this year and while we will totally miss crazy Aunt Camila’s pumpkin pie, we know that our circumstances have changed and this is a great opportunity to give our Thanksgiving traditions a makeover. It’s time to spice things up a bit! Try making your own pumpkin pie this year. Bring a few board games to the table after your feast. This is a great time to take advantage of having quality time with a close group of friends or immediate family members.

     Many people are experiencing their first Thanksgiving alone or with a couple friends instead of their family. If you do find yourself having a solo Thanksgiving this year, treat it as a beautiful night in. Spoil yourself; you deserve it! Spend some time cooking up a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, curl up with a book, break out your best dance moves while cooking in the kitchen, and hop on a FaceTime or Zoom call with your loved ones (Zoom is getting rid of the 40min limit this Thanksgiving!). Not an expert chef? Buy yourself that delicious pastry you’ve been eyeing in your local bakery. It can be a totally neat opportunity to make this holiday your own! 

        It is important to mention that the CDC does not recommend traveling at this time and advises people to continue staying at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, if you do find yourself traveling, Viv wants to make sure you have the tools to do it safely! First thing’s first: wear a mask while you travel, duh! It’s time to show off that gorgeous Save the Earth mask! The CDC also recommends that you check each state’s cases in the last seven days. Be sure to figure out if your destination has travel restrictions in place as well. You can find this out by hitting up the CDC website. It is also super important to think about loved ones who may be at high risk for COVID-19 and considering what measures to take in order to protect them. As always, wash those hands, try not to touch your face, social distance, and do your best to stay contactless. 

          All things considered, we know that Thanksgiving will look a little different this year, but you can stay groovy with it by taking time for yourself when you need it. A little bit of headspace can make the world of a difference, so when you feel a little overwhelmed, try going for a walk or working on a little DIY project. Do your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, and be extra kind to yourself. Being away from loved ones is hard, especially during the holidays, but as governor Cuomo said, "I love you so much that I'm not going to see you.". 

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