How Can You Participate in Plastic Free July?

By Leanne Barbarito

Here at Team Viv, we committed to join in on Plastic Free July. We make it a goal to reduce waste everyday, but this month we will be making it a priority to not use ANY plastic. Here's some tips and tricks we'll definitely be using to lower our use of plastics.


Bring your own bag! When you're shopping, whether it's at the grocery store or drugstore, bring your own reusable bag. Who wants to have to pay for a bag at the grocery store anyway?

Change Your Toothbrush

I bet you didn't even think about your toothbrush when I mentioned going plastic free.  There's a lot of good bamboo toothbrushes on the market now, which is really exciting.  Bamboo is much more environmentally friendly than plastic toothbrushes, which are derived from fossil fuels and petroleum.

Keep Reusable Cups/Bottles Handy

Whether it's for your water or coffee, start using a reusable bottle instead of single use plastics. You can now bring your own personal cup to Starbucks and most small local coffee shops, so there's no excuses to use their disposable cups!

Stock Up on Metal Straws

I love a good metal straw! I always have multiple in my bag with me whenever I leave the house, so I can share with my friends if we are out.  

Use a Menstrual Cup (or any other plastic free period products)

One pad contains the same amount of plastic as four plastic bags, which makes menstrual cups an excellent plastic free alternative.  They are made of silicone and can even last for 10 years when cared for properly. Perfect for the environment and your bank account!

Use Plastic Free Produce Bags

It's so wasteful to be using the produce bags that grocery stores have out by the fruits and vegetables.  Thankfully, reusable mesh produce bags exist and you can carry your produce easier without using any plastic.

Will you be joining in on the challenge to go plastic free this month?

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