Don't Let Your Period Ruin Your Summer

By Leanne Barbarito

Getting your period during the Summer can certainly be a challenge.  Figuring out how to manage your period ,while enjoying a vacation or beach day is important for you to live your best life without your period getting in the way.

Try out a new form of menstrual products!

Are you typically a pad user and worry about using something new? It can definitely be frustrating wearing a bathing suit when you prefer pads.  Try out tampons or a menstrual cup.  It can't be seen and it will catch the menstrual blood internally, rather than externally.

Stay hydrated!

It's important to stay hydrated on your period, since you are losing blood and your body is retaining water from estrogen and progestin levels decreasing.  Adding the summer heat to that means you have to drink even more water during your period to feel your best.

Eat healthy de-bloating foods!

I know it can be tempting to eat fries or chips, but you might not feel your best.  Salt will make you retain more water and cause bloating.  Try eating fruits and vegetables that won't cause additional bloating, like watermelon or cucumbers.  Avoid vegetables like broccoli.

Avoid wearing white at all costs

I know- who doesn't love a good pair of white shorts or white jeans in the summer?  It's definitely possible to wear them on your period, but I know I feel more confident if I'm not having to check that I didn't leak every 10 minutes.  

Enjoy the summer! 

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