Toxic Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

By Leanne Barbarito

As a toxin-free brand, we encourage our customers to be mindful of what they're using in all aspects of their life- not just with their menstrual products.  For example, many cleaning products include harmful and toxic chemicals that most people aren't aware of.  The chemicals used to clean your counters can be transferred to your food and breathed in when sprayed.  Here are a list of chemicals to look out for on the ingredients list of your cleaning products.


This chemical is great for polishing, but is very harmful when when breathed in.  I have asthma and can't clean with products containing ammonia because it irritates my lungs.  For the average person, longterm exposure can damage your lungs and mucus membranes.


Most whitening products and toilet bowl cleaners contain chlorine, which can irritate you skin when in contact.

Sodium Hydroxide

When in contact with your skin or eyes, it can cause burns.  If inhaled, it will make your throat burn and hurt as well for a long period of time.


This can be found in soaps and dishwashing cleaners. They can promote the growth drug-resistant bacteria.


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