Best Workouts to Reduce PMS Symptoms

By Leanne Barbarito


Did you know that working out on your period can reduce PMS symptoms like cramps and mood swings? Physical activity boosts endorphins in your brain, which will make you happier and reduce pain.  

Working out can feel like a chore on your period, but here is a list of ways to stay active without putting too much pressure on yourself to work out.

Barre or Pilates

My personal favorite exercise will always be barre. Pilates and barre are both typically done in 1 hour long classes.  They are low-impact and don't really take much thought to accomplish, but they're highly effective.  Low-impact activities that aren't strenuous on your body are the perfect option for working out on your period.


Yoga is also low-impact, but can also be very relaxing.  Certain yoga poses can specifically target areas of your body to reduce pain during your period. These poses include downward dog, reclining bound ankle pose, fish pose, and more

Light cardio

Jogging, walking on the stair master, and walking are all good forms of cardio while you are menstruating.  Light cardio is relaxing and boosts endorphins.


This is very low-impact and intensity.  Who doesn't love swimming? It doesn't even feel like exercise most of the time, which makes it even better.

What's your favorite way to stay active during your period?



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