Back to School Period Care Essentials

By Leanne Barbarito

With the new school year quickly approaching, your period often goes over-looked.  Whether you're moving into a new college dorm room or in high school, it's important to stay stocked on your menstrual products to prevent that last minute panic feeling of not having anything.

Pads and Tampons

These are probably the most obvious items that you should always be stocked up on in your bag, dorm room, or locker.  It's better to be prepared at all times, rather than not having any on you.

Heating pad

If you get cramps, you'll be thanking me for reminding you to bring this if you're going away to school.  It is ESSENTIAL.

Pain Reliever

Most people have some sort of pain during their periods.  Cramps, headaches, and backaches will all be put at ease with some ibuprofen or pain medications specifically targeted towards period pain.

Change of Underwear

I have recently discovered that most people do not carry an extra pair of underwear with them at all times, but I think it's essential.  Accidents happen and when you unexpectedly get your period, there's nothing worse than not having an extra pair with you.

Menstrual Cup & Wash (if you use)

If you use a menstrual cup, don't forget to bring it with you to school along with your natural cup washes!


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