Frequently Asked Questions

Our pads are 95% biodegradable! Most menstrual pads contain as much plastic as 4 plastic bags and have nasty chemicals in them (the same chemicals found in weed killer). Our products contain no plastic & no toxic ingredients. Bamboo (our core material) also uses ¼ the amount of water and less land than cotton uses. Viv for your V was created to bring sustainable and clean products to the hands of those that bleed. It’s about time we have menstrual care that is good for your body & our planet.

Plants! Bamboo fiber & corn fiber.

Corn fiber is incredibly soft and bamboo fiber is incredibly absorbent. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial. We use pure corn & bamboo, making it naturally hypoallergenic. The corn fiber also makes our products softer and more comfortable than cotton. Did you know bamboo is also known as the “breathing fiber”? Perfect for period care.

Recyclable paper box made with 30% less paper than regular boxes and printed with sustainable ink.

Our products are made in a high-quality factory in China that focuses on innovating for sustainability.

Recommended is every 5-7 hours.



150 days after disposal.

The Viv menstrual cup is designed for ALL womxn who bleed, regardless of activity level and flow. If you have correctly inserted the cup and are using the right size, it will stay in place and catch your flow. Please note, if you have an IUD or NuvaRing, please consult with your gynecologist or health provider for personal recommendations.

The Viv menstrual cup can be worn during any activity while menstruating except during vaginal intercourse. This means that our menstrual cup can be worn throughout all of life’s activities including swimming, yoga (YES, even those inverted or upside down poses), dancing, running, sleeping, and more. At Viv we embrace an active lifestyle, and the menstrual cup is a great option for environmentally conscious and busy menstruators.

There are factors to consider when choosing which size menstrual cup to order. See THE VIV CUP SIZING CHART & GUIDE for a detailed breakdown on the options Viv offers as well as additional tips to help you pick the right cup for your body and flow.

The Viv menstrual cup is a zero-waste period care option that is not only easy on the environment, but also easy on your wallet & schedule. Save money and time by not having to repurchase tampons every month, and there is no need to constantly change a pad or tampon since you can leave your menstrual cup in for the work day. Made of 100% medical grade, FDA approved silicone, the menstrual cup is designed with a ring for easy removal. Using the Viv cup reduces your risk of toxic shock syndrome, bacterial infection, and can reduce cramp symptoms. The Viv menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours a day, and lasts 10 years with proper care. See testimonials from our customers


We are located in Boston, MA, USA.

Not yet. We know more sustainable alternatives to tampons with applicators are desired and we are working hard to develop the perfect alternative. It has taken us many months to develop the product line we currently have (liners and pads), and we want to ensure our products are truly sustainable before providing them to customers who trust our brand.

YES! Our products are designed for ALL womxn who bleed. We understand the barriers that are often in place when trying to make healthier decisions. We’re not for it. Our goal is to provide an affordable and accessible substitute within the price point we’re already used to paying.

Our goal is to build an educational brand that empowers all womxn to live healthier and more sustainable lives. We are dedicated to offering safe and eco-friendly menstrual products delivered straight to your door. We aim to remove all stigmas and shame in talking about our V’s! Period should no longer be a dirty word.

From our hearts to your door! Our bamboo liners and pads are boxed with love and delivered straight to you.

We can ship to anywhere in the world.

Each order has a specific tracking number that will be emailed or texted to you after your order ships.

Online! We are available online-only at our website as of now. If you're local to Boston, you can often find us at pop-up shops and open markets.

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We are a startup looking to make big waves. We are here today because of the power of the community. If you have a skill that would help our mission or item you’d like to donate, please reach out to INFO@VIVFORYOURV.COM We could always use a hand or a good brainstorm over coffee!

Do you experience periods? Join our private facebook group called “Let’s Talk about Periods” to engage with other people who menstruate to discuss health or just what it is like being a womxn.

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