The Morning Lineup: Coffee, Matcha, Tea

The Morning Lineup: Coffee, Matcha, Tea
By: Haley Guerin 

        Hey you fabulous menstruators! Go pour yourself your favorite cup of whatever you drink in the morning to give you that bad bitch energy that helps you conquer your day because we are about to delve into the juiciest secrets of our favorite morning friends: coffee, matcha, and tea. We will praise their benefits and expose some things you might not know about them that could be putting a plug on your “go get em” energy throughout the day. 

        Of course, we have to start out with the Queen of morning breakfast drinks who we all know and love (and some of us really need) Coffee is America’s favorite drink, its total consumption is greater than that of soda, tea, and juice combined––and for good reason too as starting the day with a cup of coffee has many proven benefits that you probably didn’t know about. A research study showed that when coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers were assigned to a memory task, the coffee drinkers performed better, suggesting that coffee improves short-term memory. Another shocking fact about coffee is that it is the most popular source of antioxidants in the American diet and it contains a variety of healthy nutrients, like potassium. Drinking coffee also improves blood circulation. In fact, a mere 5-ounce cup of coffee can improve blood circulation up to 30%, helping to get your tissues the oxygen they need to conquer your day with bold, unshakable Viv confidence. 

        While these are just a few benefits of drinking coffee, it also has some negatives that are worth talking about. Coffee is good for stimulating metabolism, but this can also mean stimulating stomach acids. Additionally, many people report feeling dehydrated throughout their day because they skipped a nice tall glass of water before getting cozy with their cup of joe. Caffeine is a drug and like all other drugs, an addiction to it can easily be developed. This is often seen as a headache when you’re rushing out the door and don’t have time to brew that daily dose. However, coffee is a great way to start the day because its list of benefits is much longer than its list of negatives. Grab that sassy mug on your cluttered desk and get your coffee fix!

        Now let’s talk about the new girl on the street: matcha. While matcha has been around since the late 12th century in Japan, it only recently started to become mainstream. If you aren’t familiar with it, matcha is a type of green tea that is made from grinding tea leaves into a powder that is whisked with hot water. It generally holds the sweet spot in terms of caffeine since it has less than coffee but more than your average cup of tea. Part of the reason matcha has become popularized is because of the health benefits it carries. Like coffee, matcha is a great source of antioxidants that stabilize free radicals in the body, helping prevent cell damage. There have also been studies on rats that suggest matcha can help protect the liver. Matcha is also loved for its ability to boost that brain power. A study showed that when compared, participants who consumed matcha outperformed those who received a placebo on attention, reaction time, and memory. Matcha also has a special helper ingredient called L-theanine which helps to avoid the caffeine crash that many people experience with coffee. 

        But, as we all know, nobody is perfect. Consuming too much matcha (basically too much caffeine), may result in insomnia, loss of appetite, and irritation. Similar to coffee, it can also stimulate stomach acids which is particularly harmful for those with digestive issues. Overall, matcha is a great way to start off your day and has many health benefits. 

        Our last contender for the day is tea. Yep, just some regular ol’ tea. Tea has the least amount of caffeine in our morning lineup and for this reason, it is a great option if you want to get a little energy power up without the added jitters. Do you find yourself feeling anxious when you wake up? Consider making tea your new BFF because a study has shown that consuming black tea can decrease cortisol levels in stressed people by 47%.  Tea can also help to prevent memory issues because of the bioactive compounds it contains that can help prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzhiemer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Like both coffee and matcha, tea is also loaded with those yummy antioxidants that we are all raving about these days. This can help reduce the risk of infection by reducing bacterial growth.

        However, starting the day with a cup of tea can disrupt your body’s metabolic flow because it can create imbalance in acids and bases in your stomach. Like our other favorite morning drinks in this article, tea can be dehydrating as all of these drinks are diuretics which means they remove water from our bodies. However, all things considered, tea is a great way to rev up your engine to conquer your day!

       Well, that’s the tea folks (dad joke intended). Whatever drink you choose to get your juices flowing and to help you gear up to tackle the day ahead, know that you can do anything you set your mind to and nothing can change that. Yes, you are even stronger than the magical power of coffee.

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