Sustainable Fashion Tips for All Budgets

Let’s face it, whether online or in stores, shopping can be a pricey pastime. On-top of the dent fast fashion is putting on our wallets, it's also terrible for the environment. In the last two decades alone worldwide fashion consumption has increased nearly 60%, accumulating to nearly 10% of humanity’s annual carbon emission. That means that the fashion industry produces more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined. If you’re anything like me, when I learned that statistic it took a moment to fully sink in. Especially since myself and others still struggle finding the right outfit to wear. However, with a slight change in mindset towards more mindful purchasing, together we can all reduce our consumerism and protect our home and the environment we all rely on. 

For those that want to get more bang for their buck:

Shop Second Hand and Thrift

 Although it might require passing up a few items at first, you’re sure to come across hidden gems. Whether it’s a cool vintage or retro piece that you’ll be able to give a second life to or even an item with the original tag still intact, you’ll be saving money while no longer supporting fast fashion companies that negatively impact the environment. Second hand pieces also act as great canvases to change up and create your own pieces. Whether that’s adding your own embroidery, dying, or cropping you’ll be able to create pieces unique to you. 

Clothing Swap

Instead of online shopping during the coronavirus lock down, spend a few moments going through your clothes and donating any that you no longer need or want, or plan a small clothing swap with friends. Clothing swaps are a win-win! You’ll be able to get rid of unwanted clothes and gain new ones, while also having a fun time with friends and limiting crowded trips to stores and hours spent staring at a screen.

For those willing to trade quantity for quality in order to support small sustainably run companies check out these amazing brands:


Proclaim @wearproclaim  

Proclaim is founded on the principle that Fashion should represent all women and can be made in a way that does good for people and the planet. All products of this small business are ethically made in Los Angeles California and use recycled plastic bottles to make inclusive nude lingerie for all skin types.

Pact @wearpact

Pact is a Colorado based small business that provides ethically sourced clothing for the entire family. Pact products have no toxic chemicals or dyes and are made using less water. The super-soft tees, dresses, and undergarment are 100% cotton. The non-GMO cotton is not only great for you; but for the farmers growing it as well. 

Able @livefashionable

If you're looking for beautifully crafted and sustainable jewelry, shoes and bags then be sure to check out Able. Based in Nashville Tennessee is a company led by female artisans locally and globally. Able has spread to Ethiopia and Peru where it aims to provide a safe working environment for women by  openly publishing their reports on wages and working conditions. They not only value crafting beautiful apparel that has low environmental impact, but also supporting and paying living wages to women and marginalized groups.


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