Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend (Even in Quarantine)

Lately, I have been feeling like my weekdays and weekends are blurring together. I can’t keep track of the date, I tend to have the same routine 24/7, and that exciting feeling you get waking up on a Friday morning has slowly faded away. Before quarantine, differentiating your days kind of happened naturally. We had a work schedule, classes to get to, public transportation times, meetings, and appointments. Structure helped keep our days separate. While the WFH lifestyle first felt like a long weekend, there is less excitement for Saturdays and Sundays as time in quarantine goes on. As soon as we get out of this, I for sure won’t take for granted getting to go bar hopping with friends, hitting the beach, or heading out of town for vacation. But until then, how can we create a weekend environment that excites us more than binge watching Netflix and reading our 4th novel on the bookshelf? 

Putting something on your calendar gives you something to mentally prepare for. These days, there isn’t much. Week by week, I try to add more structure into my life. Adding some system in my daily routine has been critical to surviving the uncertainty and strain I see on a normal basis. Maintaining a structure helps me focus on what I am still capable of giving attention to. 

“Humans are creatures of habit, so having a regular schedule for when we work and when we engage in leisure can help us reduce uncertainty, especially in this already uncertain time.”- Laurie Santos, psychology professor at Yale University

Something I have implemented into my daily weekend activities is getting outside for exercise. Instead of doing your daily virtual yoga class at 9am or your HITT workout with weights on your yoga mat, get outside. Plan a day where you spend time in the fresh air. Not only will it make you feel better physically, but it gets you out of the house and changes your scenery. Find an open trail or park to go explore for a day. Take a long walk or pack a picnic. I have friends who have walked a marathon one day, spending 7 hours outside their house! That one is on my quarantine bucket list. 

I’ve noticed while WFH has its perks, it also has its disadvantages. For those of us who are WFH or still working in general- it is easy to get lost in your emails or go back to your latest project on a Saturday afternoon. Work can often distract us from the current state of things, it’s an easy go to when we need something to help tick time away. When Friday afternoon comes around on the clock, I do my best to step away from my work material to put myself in the weekend mindset. It is really important, mentally, to give yourself that personal time. 

I, like many of my friends, are big fans of a quality brunch. Having a different breakfast on the weekends is a good trigger to your brain that it's not Monday through Friday anymore. Maybe whip out the waffle maker or muffin tins? Grab that avocado for some toast. Maybe go to your local bagel shop to pick up a bagel sandwich? Switch it up and treat yourself! Happy hours also help. I have a weekly zoom call with my close friends to imitate our usual Thursday afternoon celebration. Each week I create a new cocktail to add to my knowledge. It gives me something to plan out and look forward to. And when I get out of quarantine, I can show off my new bartending skills.

Finding something to schedule for your weekends, which you can build excitement for, really makes all the difference! Whether it’s a newly released movie, your local chinese takeout, a sunset hike, or brunch mimosas, it's important to have something to look forward to especially when the times are tough. 


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