5 Benefits of a Good Hug

5 Benefits of a Good Hug

Are you a Hugger? We’ve all had those awkward encounters where you go in for a hug but get a handshake, or vice versa. From boosting your mood and brightening up a bad day, to helping to solve conflict and improve your immune system, there’s science behind why giving or receiving a hug feels so good. Here are five reasons why a good squeeze is the way to go.   

Hugging Releases the Hormone Oxytocin 

Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”, is the hormone that makes you feel bonded and connected to another person. The act of caring and physical touch often relieves stress and makes you feel like you’re not alone. The release of oxytocin during a hug is what helps lift your mood, which is why a hug when you’re feeling down feels so good.

Hugs may Reduce Stress and Combat Stress-Related Illnesses   

A hug is a way to show someone that they're not alone. Hugging has been proven to fight the “stress hormone” cortisol and minimize stress. Excessive stress in your life can lead to higher blood pressure, fatigue, and overall aches and pains, so when in doubt hug it out and help fight stress!

Hugs may Help Boost your Immune System

When many of us are under a lot of stress we are more susceptible to the common cold and minor illnesses, but since hugging has been proven to reduce stress it has also shown a boost in the part of the immune system that helps to fight the common cold.

Hugs Help you to Communicate

We all struggle to put some things into words and hugging can help fill the gap between what we can say verbally and how we behave. Physical touch is one of the strongest and most important aspects of how we communicate. It can help express feelings of affection and human connection.  


Hugging Can Act as a Form of Conflict Resolution 

A hug can help resolve a conflict and lessen hard feelings or negative emotions. Reducing the amount of stress felt after a conflict allows for better physical and mental health. Instead of holding a grudge and walking away with hard feelings, a hug is always a positive way to part from a conflict. 

Throughout these difficult and uncertain times we are all experiencing, being able to give and get hugged is one of the many aspects of normal life we miss. A good hug can accomplish more than you’ll know, so the next time it’s safe to see a friend or loved one make sure to go in for a big squeeze, you’ll be helping them and yourself out! 

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