3 Ways to Focus on Wellness at Work

3 Ways to Focus on Wellness at Work

Boston has been named one of the fittest and most hardworking cities in the country. With over forty hours dedicated to the workplace, where do you find time to practice wellness and self care? It pushes you to get a little creative and we’re giving you three wellness tips to implement during your 9 to 5.


It’s the little things. Hydration goes a long way. It increases energy, promotes clear skin, and naturally cleanses toxins from the body. With the holidays being right around the corner, it is time to add a swagged up water bottle to your wish list. Encourage your coworkers to increase their water consumption water as well. Wellness challenges are always a fun way to promote self care within your company and connect on projects outside of work. 


Are you looking for ways to increase movement at work? Take the stairs, go for a walk at lunch, or do some squats every time you go to the bathroom! You can also do a few pushups or short planks every hour if your space allows. This is another great opportunity to ask your coworkers to join in! We smell another challenge and our money is on you! 

Motivate the Mind

Never forget, the grind includes your mind! Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Listen to podcasts that contribute to your growth. Download a free meditation app. Use a password that reminds you to have a moment of gratitude each day. Channel your inner creative and swag up your desk with inspiring quotes that move you throughout the day. These are great ways to not only keep yourself inspired but to create a welcoming space for those who visit your desk! 

Practicing wellness at work helps to reduce stress while working under deadlines, high volume, and even toxic work (that’s a post for another day) environments. Implementing these basic wellness best practices will give you a place to start your journey. Forget what people said about being basic. Sometimes basic is better and it is up to us to reframe that narrative and do what works for us. Here’s to healthier work environments and a community of healthier beings! 

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