20 Ways to Practice Sustainability while Social Distancing

20 Ways to Practice Sustainability While Social Distancing

It’s a weird and anxious time in our world right now.  It’s a time where we think about our day to day freedoms and habits that we often take for granted. It’s also a time where we can feel unsure of  what to do with ourselves. 

To be truthful, I am not upset about partaking in social distancing in the slightest. This is my introverted self’s dream. I’m viewing this time as a way to slow down, a time to look inward, and a time to do whatever I want with those extra hours away from my computer. 

If you’re someone who is bouncing off the walls, dying to talk to people, and feed off of being in large groups, these tips may help you use your energy elsewhere. If you’re like me and you’re loving the quiet time, these tips will help keep you preoccupied and recharged. 

  1. Do that chore you’ve been putting off for months (mine is changing my closet lightbulb)
  2. Clean out your closet & list clothes on poshmark or depop
  3. Shop on poshmark or depop (woohoo second hand #sustainable fashion)
  4. Start practicing composting
  5. Experiment in the kitchen with a new plant-based recipe
  6. FaceTime dates with your pals
  7. Clean out your purse, we all put junk in that thing
  8. Try a new workout or exercise that you’ve been too nervous to try at a gym or studio 
  9. Get some fresh air (at a distance)
  10. Find a new favorite podcast or book
  11. Try takeout/delivery from a local restaurant 
  12. Buy birthday presents from small businesses & restaurants (think e-giftcards, online boutiques,etc.) 
  13. Make your own cleaning sprays with natural ingredients in your pantry
  14. DIY face & hair masks with food that’s going bad -- here’s a fave!
  15. Learn a new skill (I’m using an app to try learning piano)
  16. Write it out - journaling can calm those nerves.
  17. Finish that book & even make a virtual book club with pals.
  18. Sign up for a webinar, there are tons right now.
  19. If you can, give to those that need it.
  20. Be present.

The viv team is wishing you health & peace during this hard time. We can get through this!

If you do any of these activities, tag us on social @vivforyourv to let us know!

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