3 Period Tracker Apps We Love

3 Period Tracker Apps We Love
By: Haley Guerin 

         Everything in our lives basically lives on our phones. Our double chin selfies, messages with our closest friends, our work schedule, all the embarrassing questions you Google when you’re bored at 3am, and so many other parts of our daily lives are neatly organized into a pixelated space on our screen. Why should our period be any different? As technological advancements have been made with the birth of the iPhone, period care has been revolutionized for womxn. Now, the power to record, analyze, and understand our periods lies at our fingertips, allowing us to make empowered choices as we better come to know our bodies. However, the sheer amount of period tracker apps on the market can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know which ones will best help you get to know your body the best. Period trackers 101: let’s hit it!

         At the top of our list, we have The Agenda Period. We absolutely love their unique approach to helping womxn not only understand how menstruation affects their bodies, but also how to take advantage of this knowledge to help grow their businesses––a total Girlboss moment! Viv also wants to give The Agenda Period some clout for their aesthetically pleasing design. At a single glance, you can see a calendar view that shows you a four-phase overview, helping you figure out how your mood and phase position are related. Remember when you cried after dropping your toothbrush? Yep, it’s all about that damn luteal phase. The Agenda Period will also help you maximize your productivity by aligning your to do list with your current phase, allowing you to use your period knowledge to empower the choices you make and the work you do. One other feature of the app that we totally have to gush about is that the app helps create a personal journey for you by creating tips for you based on your cycle patterns to help you get more done. 

         Next up on our list is Clue. We adore this period tracker because it even tracks all the crazy things that happen in our body during our period, like breaking out, PMS headaches, and mood changes. Plus, this app not only tracks your menstruation, but also your PMS and fertile windows as well. Clue is extremely accurate as well because scientists and universities are continually updating it as their knowledge of menstruation expands, keeping you in the know with your body in the most accurate way possible. The app is super personalizable as well, tailoring it to your needs by allowing you to track over thirty tracking options such as cramps, skin, sleep quality, and more. Plus, you can rest assured that your information is safe and sound because Clue will not sell your data or show you personalized ads. We stan for Clue!

         Lastly, we want to give a shoutout to Flo, which you have likely heard of before if you are in the period tracker space because it is just that popular. Flo has a super clean and flirty design, but more importantly it seeks to take care of more than just your menstrual concerns and helps you connect to resources to help you with any womxn’s health care concerns you may be having. It even has an anonymous chat section where you can ask other womxn about things you are going through that they probably have also experienced at one point. We love how Flo is more than just a period tracker–– it is an empowered community! 

         Whatever period tracker you gravitate towards, know that it is a beautiful step in getting to know your body and learning about what makes it tick. Menstruation is a complex topic and it affects everyone’s body in different ways. Learning about how it affects your body in particular will help you make empowered decisions. Viv challenges you to download one of these apps and start your journey to getting to know your body!


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