Cotton Who? Bamboo Fiber as a Cotton Alternative

Cotton Who? Bamboo Fiber as a Cotton Alternative
By: Haley Guerin 

        There are so many things that make Viv for your V unique, from the bold and empowering lifestyle it encourages women to live to the carefully crafted, sustainable products that make Viv who she is. Let’s jump into part of what makes Viv products so unique: the use of bamboo fiber as an alternative to cotton.

        You might be wondering, what even is bamboo fiber? What does that mean? Because you’re a smart cookie, you can probably imagine that the process all begins in a bamboo forest. Here, cellulose from bamboo is extracted from the plant. Next, these crushed bamboo fibers take a majestic spa retreat in an enzyme bath (basically they just soak in a natural enzyme solution). The fibers are finally washed and spun into yarn. Bada-boom, badah-bang! You’ve got bamboo fabric!

        While that is a very simplified version of the bamboo fiber manufacturing process, it is important that we highlight Viv for your V’s commitment to sustainability. We choose to show our love for the planet through the manufacturing process by taking the high-quality route in bamboo fiber production. Rather than using harmful chemicals like sodium hydroxide, Viv invests in the health of our bodies and the planet by opting for a closed-loop production process in which the bamboo is not chemically altered and remains in its pure, organic form. This not only greatly softens environmental impact, but also it makes our products feel silky smooth. 

        Some interesting facts about bamboo fiber is that it is highly breathable, has good retention abilities, and has a high level of stretchability when compared with other fabrics. This is part of what makes bamboo fiber such an ideal BFF for Viv products. It keeps your “area down-under” feeling fresh all day because of how breathable bamboo fibers are. Additionally, bamboo fibers’ good retention ability ensures that our pads are made strong to support whatever flow you may be experiencing. We love how stretchable bamboo fibers are because they help our pads bend and fit to your needs and active lifestyle, giving you the confidence you need in your menstrual care products and their ability to keep you feelin’ good all day long. 

        Whether you’re on the go and conquering your day or just chilling on the couch having a self-care moment, you can be sure that Viv for your V menstrual care products will prepare you for whatever the day sends your way. Our unique bamboo fibers help pay homage to the beautiful Earth we call home while also celebrating your individuality and uniqueness. 


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