6 Reasons You Should Try A Menstrual Cup

6 Reasons You Should Try A Menstrual Cup
By: Haley Guerin 

         As a sustainable period care company, Viv gets a lot of questions about our menstrual cup. For those of you who are not familiar with it, a menstrual cup is basically a cup-shaped menstrual hygiene device that is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid and prevent it from seeping out. It gets a lot of hype in the period community because it has a pretty cool reputation on the streets for being sustainable because unlike your typical pad or tampon, a menstrual cup can be used over and over again––just don’t forget to clean it between uses. A lot of womxn are thinking about trying this relatively new period product, so let’s dive into it! Don’t forget to pop over to our website and check out Viv’s zero waste menstrual cup that you can wear for up to twelve hours!

1. Save some $$$

One reason to try a menstrual cup is that your wallet will be showing you some love for it! You won’t be making those monthly trips to the store to buy new tampons or pads because with a menstrual cup, you can purchase one that will last for you for years and the average price of a menstrual cup is only twenty to forty dollars compared to the thousands of dollars we end up spending on pads and tampons over our menstrual life. 

2. Lowers risk of Toxic Shock

         Menstrual cups have a leg-up on tampons because they will not put you at risk for toxic shock syndrome. Why? Well, it’s essentially due to a difference in how these devices work to prevent blood seepage: tampons absorb blood while menstrual cups collect it. In this way, menstrual cups are actually a safer period care option. 

3. Long lasting for busy menstruators

         Another reason to give Viv’s menstrual cups a try is that menstrual cups can actually hold more blood. According to Healthline, a menstrual cup can collect one to two ounces of menstrual flow while tampons can only absorb up to one third of a single ounce. Talk about a huge difference in period power! Menstrual cups have got your back for any type of day, from your twelve hour hospital shift to a hectic day with the kids. 

4. Save the planet!

Menstrual cups are a reusable zero waste option. You dont have to throw anything out, simply wash and reinsert! Especially important if you're not using Viv products because traditional products contain harsh chemicals & lots of plastic waste. None of that with the Viv cup, talk about a #sustainableperiod. 

5. Can be worn by many

         Menstrual cups are versatile in more than just this one way. If you have opted for an IUD, you can still wear a menstrual cup. However, you should be aware that this is slightly controversial and consulting with your gynecologist or physician is always a good idea first.

6. Feel amazing

         The final reason to try a menstrual cup is that it helps keep your vagina feeling clean and fresh. Tampons and especially pads can often leave us with a moist feeling down there that can lead to yeast infections and undesired odors. With a menstrual cup, you will be feeling dry and clean to tackle your day because the blood is contained in a neat little cup.

         Well, that’s the tea on menstrual cups! There are so many great reasons to try them out, especially because they put our planet and the health of our bodies first. Not to mention, they are great money savers. What are you waiting for? Fall in love with Viv’s amazing menstrual cups


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