What is the menstrual community doing to support COVID-19?

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What the Menstrual Equity Activists are doing to Support COVID-19.

Periods dont stop for a pandemic. 

One out of every four menstruating individuals struggled to make ends meet before the outbreak to purchase the proper menstrual care products for themselves. Stores have shown shortages of not only toilet paper and hand sanitizer, but menstrual products as well due to people stocking up. According to I Support The Girls, homeless and domestic violence shelters are becoming desperate in need of supplies. Without the proper period care supplies, menstruators may be forced to use their products longer than usual or be driven towards other materials to fill the gaps. 

So, what is our community doing about it? 

I Support The Girls is a non profit that prioritizes collecting and distributing bras as well as menstrual products to people and communities in need. I Support The Girls announced a couple weeks ago that they are sending products and help to 50+ organizations looking for help in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you wish to help you can volunteer temporarily or send donations!

The PERIOD Movement is taking big steps to serve communities being hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. This year the movement is shifting gears with the crisis and will be focusing on maintaining the distribution of free period care products across the nation. With the help of their product sponsors, PERIOD is supplying period care to their chapters in different areas that are hit hard by this virus. If you want to participate you can either sign up to help distribute products or donate on their website. 

PERIOD has also created a petition. This petition is to send to the U.S. Congress to ask for the support towards Grace Meng’s, congresswoman representing part of New York, proposal. Her proposal suggests that states get the option to use federal grant funds, used to fund health and wellness, to provide students with free menstrual hygiene products in schools. It also allows homeless assistance providers to use grant funds used for necessities towards menstrual products. If this bill is passed it would ultimately increase the availability and affordability of menstrual hygiene products for people with limited access. It would relieve some of the stress that period care supply programs are facing today and would help programs offset the demand continuing to roll in. So, take some time to read and sign the petition! The link is posted below:


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